How to survive your period

Today I’m talking about menstruation.  Periods.  The Crimson tide.  Whatever you want to call it. Most of us women have them, some of us are lucky to sail through each month with minimal drama, whereas others have some serious cramping issues, heavy haemorrhaging and generally feel terrible. Thankfully, there are some excellent methods we can adopt to make life a little bit more organised and … Continue reading How to survive your period

A New Discovery – Howkapow

One of the hazards of moving into a new home is the persistent urge to browse for stuff to buy for one’s new abode.  Regardless of cash-flow (or lack of, as the case may be!), I just love to peruse the internet for shiny new (and old) things that would look perfect in my house.  Sometimes, all the pleasure is there in looking.  I don’t have to … Continue reading A New Discovery – Howkapow

Learning to look after yourself as a parent

Parenting is hard.  I haven’t had the full experience of parenting children into adulthood yet, so I am only commenting on parenting very young children at the moment.  I’ve no doubt it gets no easier. People always say, ‘look after yourself’.  You take it with a pinch of salt and think, ‘yeh, yeh, as if I’m not gonna look after myself!’ But it is so … Continue reading Learning to look after yourself as a parent

Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain

Have you ever noticed how fascinated children are with water?  As soon mine began using open cups to drink from, they would play with the water (as well as drinking it).  Taking a sip, letting it trickle down their chins, spitting or spilling it onto surfaces to see how it flowed and how it felt. As soon as kids get in the bath or shower, … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain

Our Top Ten Car Playlist

I’ve written about our life in the car before.  We spend an awful lot of time in our car, and as parents know, travelling with kids can sometimes be a little… painful.  One of the things that I have conditioned the kids to look forward to when they get in the car is music.  To coax Finley into the car when we’re off out, I … Continue reading Our Top Ten Car Playlist

Coping with Diarrhoea and Vomiting with Children

We’ve had some cases of diarrhoea and vomiting in our house lately, namely the kids to begin with, then Grandpa Rodney and then Ian (who eventually succumbed after a few days of believing he was immune.  Poor Ian). So after emerging on the other side (nearly, Ian is still sick), I thought I would share a little list of the things that we did or … Continue reading Coping with Diarrhoea and Vomiting with Children

The Chicks’ Favourite Family Haunts

We’re from the Kingston area and used to enjoy visiting one of our favourite local parks: Richmond Park.  It is huge (the largest of London’s royal parks) and leafy, with plenty of space for the kids to explore, not to mention a few spots to get a warming cuppa.       However, since moving to a different area, it isn’t as local as it … Continue reading The Chicks’ Favourite Family Haunts

Terrific Toys

I believe we (The Chicks) are a typical family with very young children/babies.  We seem to have toys coming out of our ears, yet the vast majority of them don’t even get looked at.  When I was a child, toys, clothes and children’s entertainment weren’t as affordable and accessible as they are nowadays (or at least that’s what my parents tell me!).  Consequently, modern families seem to … Continue reading Terrific Toys

Top 5 Foods for Toddlers We Cannot Live Without

Feeding young children can be tricky.  Parents are often strapped for time, needing to prepare food quickly on demand, especially when there is a hungry and loud mouth to feed.  There is a need to provide something healthy and satisfying, and the temptation to turn to junk food is frequently there.  I am often seeking ways to get high calories into my energetic toddler without … Continue reading Top 5 Foods for Toddlers We Cannot Live Without