When the dream is better than reality

Earlier this year I was offered an excellent work-from-home opportunity by a London company.  It involved managing social media and their blog.  I was able to work from home in my ‘free’ time, earning some extra money and learning some new skills.  Perfect, right? After a few months of working, I found myself becoming frustrated, to say the least.  I was managing four Facebook pages, … Continue reading When the dream is better than reality

How to survive your period

Today I’m talking about menstruation.  Periods.  The Crimson tide.  Whatever you want to call it. Most of us women have them, some of us are lucky to sail through each month with minimal drama, whereas others have some serious cramping issues, heavy haemorrhaging and generally feel terrible. Thankfully, there are some excellent methods we can adopt to make life a little bit more organised and … Continue reading How to survive your period

Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain

Have you ever noticed how fascinated children are with water?  As soon mine began using open cups to drink from, they would play with the water (as well as drinking it).  Taking a sip, letting it trickle down their chins, spitting or spilling it onto surfaces to see how it flowed and how it felt. As soon as kids get in the bath or shower, … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain

A real-life situation of life or death

Ever been in a situation where your actions literally meant the difference between life and death?  It is terrifying stuff, and it has happened to me. So a lot of you know that I used to be a nurse.  I say used to be, you never really stop.  Once you have the training in you, a lot of it stays.  Much of your ‘nursey’ thought … Continue reading A real-life situation of life or death

Coping with Diarrhoea and Vomiting with Children

We’ve had some cases of diarrhoea and vomiting in our house lately, namely the kids to begin with, then Grandpa Rodney and then Ian (who eventually succumbed after a few days of believing he was immune.  Poor Ian). So after emerging on the other side (nearly, Ian is still sick), I thought I would share a little list of the things that we did or … Continue reading Coping with Diarrhoea and Vomiting with Children

Baby Reflux Treatment

My children have sailed through babyhood and are rapidly becoming little boys.  I periodically think back to some of the difficult aspects of those baby years, particularly some of the health issues that babies encounter.  One of the problems that I frequently stumbled upon on the parenting fora was baby reflux, something which (thankfully) neither of my children experienced.  Gastro-oesophageal reflux is where baby’s swallowed milk … Continue reading Baby Reflux Treatment