When the dream is better than reality

Earlier this year I was offered an excellent work-from-home opportunity by a London company.  It involved managing social media and their blog.  I was able to work from home in my ‘free’ time, earning some extra money and learning some new skills.  Perfect, right? After a few months of working, I found myself becoming frustrated, to say the least.  I was managing four Facebook pages, … Continue reading When the dream is better than reality

Camping with friends in Cornwall

Back in May we went camping.  It was our first family holiday and first holiday for Ian and I since our honeymoon back in 2010. Being seasoned campers (well, not really, we’ve just been camping a handful of times), we were mentally prepared for the work and effort that goes into camping.  Not to mention the freezing cold nights and perpetual feeling of being unwashed. … Continue reading Camping with friends in Cornwall

One Weekend, Many Events

Last Friday I attended a two-day blogging conference called Britmums Live.  Held at London venue The Brewery, approximately 700 parenting bloggers attended the event, where they had the opportunity to connect with each other – live – as well as network with the selection of brands and PRs present. Luckily for me, you were probably either there, and if you weren’t, you’ve probably seen a … Continue reading One Weekend, Many Events

Tyres and Tribulations

I returned from our first family holiday on Friday.  It wasn’t anything greatly exotic or long – four days and three nights camping in Cornwall.  However, being our first time away as a family, it was pretty special. We joined some of our London friends way out west, so there were a group of us, with play mates for our children also. Lovely. It was … Continue reading Tyres and Tribulations

The Loss of a Cherished Friendship

I don’t have many regrets.  I decided that life is too short to live with regret, and instead I choose to take lessons and positives from situations or events that didn’t go as well as they could.  However, I’m not completely devoid of regrets. One of my regrets is letting one of my friendships go.  I used to have a friend called John.  We met … Continue reading The Loss of a Cherished Friendship