Finding treasure amongst trash

Since my split with my husband last year, there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Many have been positive, some have been negative and some have just been, well, different. I enjoy and embrace change, so I’ve mostly taken the changes in my stride (as much as you can when you’re going through marriage separation!). However, on a weird, superficial level, I’ve … Continue reading Finding treasure amongst trash

Trespass(ing) into practical territory

I’ve been known to purchase some fairly outlandish items of clothing over the years.  The most recent have been a pair of mermaid leggings and a huge red petticoat, the latter of which I wore out to a quiet birthday meal last month in an Indian restaurant (not with the leggings). I figure you only live once, so you might as well wear the bonkers … Continue reading Trespass(ing) into practical territory

A New Discovery – Howkapow

One of the hazards of moving into a new home is the persistent urge to browse for stuff to buy for one’s new abode.  Regardless of cash-flow (or lack of, as the case may be!), I just love to peruse the internet for shiny new (and old) things that would look perfect in my house.  Sometimes, all the pleasure is there in looking.  I don’t have to … Continue reading A New Discovery – Howkapow

St. Bert’s: Bringing fresh new unisex clothes for kids

My blogging pal Vicki recently brought to my attention this brilliant kids’ clothing company.  It was after I had a mini rant about gender-stereotyping of kids’ clothes – you know, the pink-is-for-girls, trains-are-for-boys mentality (jeez, are we really in the year 2015?). Anyway, the company was St Bert’s Clothing Company, and they had sent her out some clothes for her sons.  I had a browse … Continue reading St. Bert’s: Bringing fresh new unisex clothes for kids

Styling for Britmums Live 2015

I was recently lucky enough to attend one of the biggest blogging conferences in the UK – Britmums Live 2015. I had the opportunity to meet many blogging pals that I had virtually met during the last 18 months of my blogging life.  It was a joyful experience being able to converse with all of the blogging talent I’ve come across in person, or live, … Continue reading Styling for Britmums Live 2015

One Weekend, Many Events

Last Friday I attended a two-day blogging conference called Britmums Live.  Held at London venue The Brewery, approximately 700 parenting bloggers attended the event, where they had the opportunity to connect with each other – live – as well as network with the selection of brands and PRs present. Luckily for me, you were probably either there, and if you weren’t, you’ve probably seen a … Continue reading One Weekend, Many Events

Big Dreams and my RDA of Zeal & Zest

I’ve been writing for the blog of British jewellery brand OAK Jewellery, and below is an excerpt from my latest post on these dreamy drop earrings… “We all have aspirations and ambitions.  You know, those crazy fantasies of making it big and reaching that lifelong goal, whatever it may be. It doesn’t matter whether you yearn to buy a perfect home, bag an incredible job, … Continue reading Big Dreams and my RDA of Zeal & Zest

Exceptional Customer Service by Triumph

Customer service across the board tends to get a pretty bad press these days.  I hear a lot people complaining about customer service not being what it used to be, with no care for the customer’s needs.  In fact, I’ve been known to bang the bad customer service drum a lot in my time. However, I recently had a very positive experience with customer service, … Continue reading Exceptional Customer Service by Triumph