When the dream is better than reality

Earlier this year I was offered an excellent work-from-home opportunity by a London company.  It involved managing social media and their blog.  I was able to work from home in my ‘free’ time, earning some extra money and learning some new skills.  Perfect, right? After a few months of working, I found myself becoming frustrated, to say the least.  I was managing four Facebook pages, … Continue reading When the dream is better than reality

Losing my shit and my quest for minimalism

I lost my shit with my kids this morning. This isn’t that rare.  I lose my shit several times a week, usually after my sons make one too many attempts at goading me. This morning, I was busily trying to get everything and everyone ready to get Finley out of the door for preschool.  We’re late each and every time.  Our lateness for preschool is … Continue reading Losing my shit and my quest for minimalism

Pancakes for dinner

So it’s Shrove Tuesday today, or Pancake Day.  Whatever you decide to call it, people are making pancakes today or tonight. A traditional way to serve them is with lemon juice and sugar.  I’ll admit, they’re undoubtedly tasty served that way.  Some people like to take the sweet flavours further by adding maple syrup, chocolate sauce, fruit, or all of the above. I’m a bit … Continue reading Pancakes for dinner

Our New House and Our Heartfelt Thank-you

In November, Ian and I finally got onto the property ladder and bought a house.  It had been a long time coming.  We’d had a deposit in our bank account, but needed to find the right house. We’d started looking in earnest back in 2012/2013, when we were renting a lovely flat near my parents’ house.  I hadn’t believed we would be able to buy … Continue reading Our New House and Our Heartfelt Thank-you

Last-Minute, Super-Easy Christmas Gift

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I know for a fact that there are people out there in a mild panic about Christmas shopping. You probably already know that I have Scrooge-tendencies from some posts I have previously written about Christmas. It isn’t so much that I’m a Scrooge, it’s more that I don’t subscribe to all of the ‘stuff’ that everyone feels the need … Continue reading Last-Minute, Super-Easy Christmas Gift