Blog Makeover

You may have noticed that I’ve changed the look of the blog.  I’d taken a break from blogging for several months.  I’d gone through separation from my husband at the end of last year, and in the run-up to that, had lost my motivation to create anything written.  My mind was occupied with the looming situation at home, and I had limited clarity.

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to write posts that I wouldn’t judge myself on.  Posts that were deeply meaningful, or exceptionally witty or important.  I didn’t see the point in writing about the everyday.  After all, who on earth wants to read about my trip to the park?  And who on earth cares?

Things have been a lot clearer and calmer in my head since my split with my husband, and I’ve found myself wanting to engage in writing again.  I’ve also had writing projects away from my blog, as well as social media work, and it has given me a renewed energy with being based closed to my laptop.

Granted, some of the posts that are now popping up on here may be a little less like they were before.  Probably a little more about the everyday, less topical.  I guess I’ve just been keen to write again.  Write anything.  Get into the habit of putting words onto ‘paper’.

I took a look at the blog the other night, and decided that it needed to change in appearance.  I’d previously designed the header to appear neutral.  There was an illustrated photo of me, a unique font in a pleasing colour, and a little strapline under the title.  The page itself was white, because I’d read that websites should be white with black font, like a book, as it’s easier for the reader’s eyes.

A photo I took of some graffiti in Brick Lane in October 2016. I edited it on an app on my phone, and it now forms the header.

Looking at it, I felt it no longer represented me.  I’d tried to create a pleasing image for marketing purposes.  But really, it was just plain and didn’t represent anything about me.

So the current header is a bit of a piss-take of the old one.  My photo remains there, but it’s a more ‘real’ photo of me.  (Yes, I wear pink summer dresses and pink sunnies all the time.)  The background of the header is anything but plain.  It’s probably not particularly ‘tasteful’, is on the garish side and may hurt the eyes.

Me in summer 2016, en route to London on the train to meet a friend.

I used one of the Halloween fonts on Picmonkey for the ‘Free Range Chick’, and made it a lurid shade of green, to contrast with all the pink, and because I rather like the colour green.

As for the page colour, well I do like dark, bold colours.  I’d paint my walls dark grey if I could (actually, there’s no reason why I can’t).  I thought that the obscene header looked better on a dark page than an easy-on-the-eyes white page.

So here we have it.  The blog is more ‘me’ now.  It’s probably not optimal for the purposes of marketing and all that, but it’s truer to me.  And that’s more than good enough for this blogger!