Finding treasure amongst trash

Since my split with my husband last year, there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Many have been positive, some have been negative and some have just been, well, different.

I enjoy and embrace change, so I’ve mostly taken the changes in my stride (as much as you can when you’re going through marriage separation!).

However, on a weird, superficial level, I’ve been missing my wedding ring, and indeed all of my rings (as they were all gifts that have too many bad memories attached to them).

Tangent alert.

A couple of years back, I discovered the joys of secondhand things at a car boot sale.  I was there keeping a friend company while he volunteered to help run the boot sale.  To kill some time, I found myself perusing the car boots with another friend.  A goth-themed sale caught my eye, in particular, a black t-shirt with zombies on the front.  I purchased it for £1, and to this day, it is one of my favourite tees.


Then last year, another friend invited me to sell some stuff with her out of the back of her camper van at a local boot sale.  I jumped at the chance, and we did a handful of sales.  I loved the atmosphere and all of the old stuff.  The idea that there was so much stuff that could be re-used – instead of buying more brand new ‘stuff’ that costs money, not to mention the environmental cost during manufacture – was a no-brainer for me.

Since then, I’ve begun to purchase clothes in the charity shops.  I like the idea that I’m wearing something unique, so finding something from an unusual brand for a couple of quid ticks all (two) of my wish-list boxes:  Unique and purse-friendly.

So one night, after fiddling with the place my wedding ring used to sit, with my thumb, and once again finding no ring there, I decided to have a browse for secondhand jewellery.

One thing led to another (the perils of Googling), and I found myself on a website of a jewellery company that specialise in using old coins and old cutlery to carve one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery.

Hairy Growler transform recycled raw materials only, into mystically, magically-themed pieces.  They take items which have been condemned to scrap, and make them into beautiful and unique pieces using some outstanding skills.

I adore the idea of using materials that have already been manufactured, to create something new.  Up-cycling, recycling, reusing… however you want to term it, has got to be the way forward in retaining some level of quality of our environment and resources.  Why are we wasting precious time, energy and money on new raw materials when we can find creative, clever ways of using ‘scrap’?

So I’m giving some props to Hairy Growler.  They’ve created some jaw-droppingly beautiful pieces, which appeal to my fantastical, outlandish side, but are all made sustainably and ethically.

I’ve selected some of my favourite pieces from their website.  It’s a little pendant-heavy, considering I started out looking for rings, but just look at the craftsmanship!  This little snippet is by no means exhaustive, so do check them out to see their full range.

Images courtesy of Hairy Growler