Trespass(ing) into practical territory

I’ve been known to purchase some fairly outlandish items of clothing over the years.  The most recent have been a pair of mermaid leggings and a huge red petticoat, the latter of which I wore out to a quiet birthday meal last month in an Indian restaurant (not with the leggings).

mermaid print leggings20160331_144748

I figure you only live once, so you might as well wear the bonkers clothing while you can.

But sometimes you need to dress sensibly.  When you’ve got kids, you tend to find yourself braving the outdoors regardless of the weather.  And red petticoats and flimsy mermaid leggings are not going to cut it against the wet and windy British weather (even at the beginning of spring!).

I’ve been testing out an excellent new waterproof parka coat from Trespass over the last few weeks.  I’ve had a chance to wear it out in the tale-end of the winter, which has merged well into the beginning of spring, as the weather hasn’t really changed very much!

Trespass parka coat

The Penrose women’s waterproof parka jacket is billed as wind-proof and waterproof, as well as warm.  I can testify that it is.  I’ve worn it with thin sweaters and jeans, and have kept warm and dry whilst loitering in parks and removing my children from waist-deep mud.

Trespass parka coat

Now I’m not going to attempt to sell you this practical parka on fashion grounds.  It’s never going to be setting the catwalks on fire with high-fashion looks.

It’s a waterproof, wind-proof parka-style jacket, for heaven’s sake.

But I do like the colour – it makes a change from the mass of black that I usually wear.  (It does come in black.)  I also like the checked lining on the inside of the coat and hood, as well as the faux-fur lining in the hood.

I also like the parka-style and long-length, which I was in the market for when Trespass came to my rescue.

And I’ll tell you a little secret.  Despite it’s lack of high-fashion looks, I actually wore it over the mermaid leggings on a recent night out clubbing in London – so fashion smashion.

Trespass parka coat

This coat shows no signs of redundancy, despite the fact that April is upon us.  I’m wearing it with sleeveless tees underneath (like above) and it works brilliantly as an everyday coat to throw over the skinny jeans and trainers (like above), for the supermarket-run, or the school-run.  Or both.  Or clubbing.

This coat retails at £112.99 full-price, but is currently on sale for £37.99, which is a ridiculous bargain.  If your old coat is on its last legs (like mine was), I would highly recommend you snap up one of these (or any of the practical outerwear on Trespass’ site) now, as you’ll probably get some good use of it before the warm weather arrives.

Thanks to Trespass who gifted me this coat to review.  For more about my disclosure policy, click here.


7 thoughts on “Trespass(ing) into practical territory

  1. Good – looking parka. Loving you rocking it with the Woodies tee (NM’S best-kept secret); would also have loved to see a puce parka with purple tee juxtaposed with blue mermaid leggings! Maybe with big red petticoat and white DMs thrown in – or would that be a little OTT?!


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