Pancakes for dinner

So it’s Shrove Tuesday today, or Pancake Day.  Whatever you decide to call it, people are making pancakes today or tonight.

A traditional way to serve them is with lemon juice and sugar.  I’ll admit, they’re undoubtedly tasty served that way.  Some people like to take the sweet flavours further by adding maple syrup, chocolate sauce, fruit, or all of the above.

I’m a bit lazy, and like to take shortcuts where I can.  So tonight, I was wondering how I could kill two birds with one stone and make pancakes, but swerve cooking dinner at the same time.

So I decided to treat my pancakes as crepes, and serve them savoury, with some bits I needed to use up in the kitchen.

We make pancakes frequently, and I use the Delia recipe of:

110g of flour (whatever flour, but I used plain).

200ml milk plus 75ml water mixed together.  You can use milk only if you want it richer.

2 eggs.

A pinch of salt.

Whisk it all together and fry with a teeny bit of rapeseed oil or butter.


I had some spinach and fresh basil knocking about.  Before I made my pancake mix, I blitzed up the basil and spinach with a good handful of toasted pine nuts.  Added a squeeze of lemon juice, salt and good glug of olive oil.  I tasted the pesto and set it aside.

I also had some mozzarella to use up, so I chopped that and also set it aside.

pancakes pesto2

After cooking one side of the pancake, I flipped them before placing a few pieces of mozzarella on the cooked side in the pan, and a good dollop of pesto.  I waited a few moments and then folded the pancake in half over itself, before flipping the entire thing carefully to cook on the other side, ensuring the cheese turned melty inside.

I served these to the kids with some chopped avocado.  They devoured them.

pancakes pesto

So hey presto (or hey pesto?!), I managed to serve pancakes as the main course, used up a load of stuff from the fridge and fill their bellies without filling them with sugar.

I highly recommend.  Oh, and sorry about the gross pesto-mouth close-ups.  Had to be done!


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