A New Discovery – Howkapow

One of the hazards of moving into a new home is the persistent urge to browse for stuff to buy for one’s new abode.  Regardless of cash-flow (or lack of, as the case may be!), I just love to peruse the internet for shiny new (and old) things that would look perfect in my house.  Sometimes, all the pleasure is there in looking.  I don’t have to own it all to feel happy, it’s just nice to see the shiny, pretty stuff that’s available (she says in her best trying-to-kid-herself voice).

Ian and I are on a never-ending quest to make the perfect cup of coffee.  We’ve been slumming-it with instant for a few years, not investing in coffee-making paraphernalia through lack of knowing where we’d end up living and what kind of kitchen we’d have to accommodate it.

We were recently given a lovely little Illy espresso machine.  It needs espresso pods to work, so naturally we’ve been trying to work out some kind of ‘hack’ to re-use the pods. The thought of wasting all of that plastic each time we have a coffee is a bit galling.

Our hack attempts have had limited success.

So my thoughts wandered to a stove-top coffee-maker.  We have a gas hob, and have seen a couple of our friends with stove-top makers.  They look like the ideal way to brew a good cuppa without taking up kitchen-space with a full-blown coffee-machine.

Whilst looking for stove-top makers, I stumbled upon a company called Howkapow.  I had actually searched for bright, colourful coffee makers, and this magical pink one appeared on my screen.


Upon further investigation, Howkapow sell a whole load of awesome products.  Stuff for the home.  Stuff to wear.  Kids’ stuff.  And it is all unique, quirky and beautiful to look at.

So I thought I would compile a little graphic of my favourite bits from their site.  There were actually double this amount, but I had to rein it in.


  1. The Bookworms Wall Print, £10.  This delightful print caught my eye for the bold pink colour, which my elder son would adore.  It would look perfect in the kids’ new bedroom, which we’re currently in the process of decorating with every colour you can imagine. This print is A3 in size, and you can opt for a frame, which they have in different finishes.
  2. Embroidered Ukulele Brooch, £14.95.  You may have gathered that I’m a little bit into guitars, so this sweet little brooch sang (strummed?) to me the second I saw it. I would pin it in on every outfit.
  3. Table Lamp ‘Z’, £36.95.  Because I am a magpie for all things metallic, particularly in the rose-gold hues of this copper-finish.  I haven’t yet got a home-office (the sofa doesn’t count, does it?), but I would probably house this shiny beaut on my dressing-table, so I can stare at it from my bed and lose myself in awe of its rosiness.
  4. The Gold Mug, £6.95.  Most of everything I said about the above applies to this mug, except for the rosiness.  I’m already a caffeine-addict, but this 24 karat mug may just send me over the edge.
  5. Minirig Speakers,  £129.95 (speaker) £149.95 (subwoofer).  These state-of-the-art mini-speaker systems are rechargeable and have 20-hours playing-time.  The have a USB connection for charging and a jack for connecting to your device of choice.  They also come with a handy carry-case, because let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to damage these beautiful speakers.  They come in a variety of colours, but yes, I’ve chosen the gold!  I’ll be hitting up my The Darkness collection to play with these!
  6. Round Copper Tray, £45.95.  I had one of those jaw-hitting-the-floor, dribble-down-the-chin moments when I saw this.  More of the shiny, rosy metal, this time to serve food on.  This tray would be best mates with the rustic, wooden table that my dad built for us just before Christmas.
  7. Pink Stove-top coffee maker, £20.00.  And here is the hot-pink coffee-maker, by Pantone, that led me here in the first place.  It comes in a variety of bright colours and it is the epitome of joy.  Imagine waking up to one of these each morning, emanating the magical scent of coffee whilst simultaneously adding vibrancy and fun to your kitchen.  I certainly am.
  8. Alaska Merino Wool Blanket, £39.95.  As well as pink stuff, and metallic stuff, I also like mustard-coloured stuff.  Having two kids, I already have blankets everywhere. Unfortunately, they are of the cream-coloured fleece variety, and nothing like this rich, bold and luxurious blanket.  I’m small, so it’ll be fine for me, but the kids will undoubtedly hijack it for themselves.
  9. Embroidered Shark Attack Brooch, £26.95.  I’ve always been fascinated with sharks. I once made a little charm in design technology, of a shark.  It was a colourful enamel design of the sea with a shark silhouette, backed onto a piece of copper (the metal-love started young).  I still adore sharks.  I’m even considering a tattoo incorporating images of sharks.  This little shark has everything going on.  A bit of nature’s beauty, and a bit of gore for those who like the dark side.
  10. Rio Pizza Platter, £13.95.  Ian and I frequently make pizza from scratch.  There’s a certain amount of catharsis in making dough, kneading it and watching it rising and spilling over the inadequately-sized bowl you’ve rested it in.  We keep our pizzas simple and traditional, but perfectly-executed.  And our plates are never big enough to accommodate them!  These platters are not only perfectly-sized, but just look at the design!  The colours are perfect.  They remind me of clothing brand Lazy Oaf; crazy, colourful and cheeky.
  11. Turbot Pencil Case, £19.95.  Ok, 20 quid for a pencil case, but seriously – LOOK at this pencil case!  It’s a pink fish with bows all over it.  This in itself will be enough to ensure you keep all of your stationery packed together in there, which if you think about it, will save you money in the long-run, because you’re not constantly losing your pens!

So there you go.  My little big-up to Howkapow, a smashing little corner of the internet – owned by a wife and husband duo, based in Bristol – serving up a spiffing collection of quirky designer wares for those who are fond of a liberal spattering of pizzazz around the home.


3 thoughts on “A New Discovery – Howkapow

  1. Too many pretty things, stop it! I’ve just spent the best part of an hour brwsing the shop. I must stop buying stuff!


  2. Also just discovered this site after the name caught my eye cos a colleague kept having parcels from them delivered to work. Same as you half the fun is just in the browsing. Bit like that with the Retro Kids site too could just look at the colourful wares for ages.


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