Help! Disaster! The Clocks Went Back!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Clocks went back and all that – so we all got an extra hour added to our time.  Yippee!


Everyone spends their time complaining about not having enough time in their lives.  For the most part, it’s true.  We’re time poor, and since having kids, I’ve really noticed that the time seems to fly.

So with the clocks going back this weekend just gone, you’d think that people would be happy to have a whole extra hour gifted to them.  I mean, think of all the extra things you can do in an hour!

But typically, there are swathes of idiots who find something to complain about.  I spotted so many parents taking to social media to complain and rant about how absolutely dreadful it is for them having to deal with their children waking them up at 04:40 on Sunday morning, when the rest of the nation would be blissfully enjoying their lie-ins until 10am.

Get a grip, people.

Firstly, it isn’t that difficult to put your kids to bed a little later than their usual bedtime to counteract the minor time shift.  That’s what I did.  It worked.  They were up slightly earlier than usual this morning (Monday), but give it a couple of days, and they’ll be back to their normal rhythm.

Secondly, so what if you had to wake up a bit earlier with your kids on Sunday morning?  If you’ve had a decent night’s sleep, what does it matter that it’s early?  The morning is a magical part of the day, particularly when everyone else is in bed and places which are normally heaving are quiet.

Get out of bed, stop being miserable and seize the day.

Thirdly, you really do not have anything to complain about.  For the most part, you’ll get to go to bed and lie in it, with your eyes closed, for most of the Saturday night.  There are, of course, exceptions to this where some children do not settle in the night at all – but the clocks going back will make zero difference to a child with existing frequent night waking.

When those parents took to social media to bang their ‘woe is me’ drums about the changing time, I wonder if they considered all of the shift workers working through the night.  The police, keeping the streets as safe as they can.  Firefighters on-call in case anyone is in dire need of rescuing.  Doctors and nurses, working through the night taking care of the sick and injured in our hospitals.

I can absolutely testify that nurses working Saturday night would have to spend one extra hour awake during the night, functioning to keep people alive, and with no extra pay for their extra hour of service.  They’re not allowed to lie down and shut their tired eyes during this time.

And of the 24 of my nurse friends on Facebook, did I see one post from any of them complaining about night shifts and the clocks going back?  No.

I wouldn’t blame you for believing I’m lacking in a sense of humour, as many of the posts I’m talking about were meant in jest.  But frankly, people constantly, repetitively and publicly mocking their kids and complaining about having to parent them is grating on me.

Anyway, I am feeling grateful for the extra hour and am refusing to subscribe to endless, empty, inane complaints.  I can’t say I filled my extra hour with lots of extra activity, but I did have a fun later evening with the kids on Saturday before they flaked out at just gone 8pm.

So onwards.  It’s half-term!  Yippee!  (Cue a week’s worth of complaints about not knowing what to do with the kids.)


6 thoughts on “Help! Disaster! The Clocks Went Back!

  1. I can’t tell you how much I love this post Fiona. Although I was guilty of sharing a meme on fb about not getting a lie in, I do also appreciate that shift workers get the raw end of the deal! Great post that serves as a reminder to us to be a bit more appreciative of what we have… I for one am super excited about having my kids around for half term xx


  2. I actually enjoy the bi-annual clock changes, especially now that I am no longer part of the workforce. There are always positives; in the case of the “spring-forward” event, you’ve got longer evenings, burgeoning spring, the prospect of summer – and there’s seven months of it! In the case of the “fall-back” one, you get a period (admittedly short) of lighter mornings which is great for early starters. (BTW, it’s true – you do need less overnight sleep as you reach a certain age range.) AND it coincides with that wonderful season of mists, mellow fruitfulness, red-gold-russet trees, crisp misty/frosty mornings, and Strictly Come Dancing. (Yeah, I know, I know, wind, rain, leaden skies, dreary long nights starting at about half-past-four, and The X Factor – apologies to X Factor fans, that’s just the mast my colours are nailed to.) But on the up-side, it only lasts five months. (That’s GMT, not The X Factor.)

    Between 1968 and 1971 there was an experiment to keep BST all year round. Winters were miserable. In mid-winter the sun didn’t rise until around 9am. You’d get up for school in the dark, you’d leave the house in the dark, you’d wait for, travel on, and get off the bus in the dark – it didn’t get fully bright until assembly. And on overcast days it was truly awful. A lot of people were overjoyed to get GMT back.

    No, I’m a great fan of the clock changes. They’re milestones for the year and bring a sense of change and event. You KNOW when spring and autumn start, but thankfully there’s no such defining moment for winter. (Maybe Halloween, but that just kind of flags up that Christmas is next.) It’s kind of up to you when winter – and summer – start, which is no bad thing at all.

    So, yes – seize the day! Or, to use the Latin expression that ‘seize the day’ translates as – “carpe diem!” And stop carping!

    Now, roll on half-term, Halloween, Christmas decorations in the shops, TV ads letting you know you can get your kitchen, bathroom, 3 piece suite in time for Christmas, huge tins of Quality Street, Easter Eggs …


  3. Oh people do love a good moan! I’m not averse to one myself but I always try to find the silver lining 🙂 To be honest, yes I felt tired this morning – but we’re on holiday, I keep having these moments of overwhelming love at the adorability of the kids and the miracle that they’re mine (me – someone who is by no means that kind of maternal person who could have ever had a maternal type relationship with anyone else’s child) and I know that tiredness is not a big deal in the scheme of things. X


  4. I do completely agree with you about internally cringing every time I see or hear parents complaining about being forced to spend time with their kids – whether that’s an earlier morning wakeup, or “filling time” on school holidays. Personally I still don’t get the whole clock changing thing and find it pretty pointless and confusing. Not enough to moan about though! On Sunday morning my iphone alarm woke me up (of course the time was automatically adjusted) I woke up, jumped in the shower and when I came out and looked at my husband’s bedside clock I had a momentary panic! I had no idea the clock change was coming that weekend, for some reason thought it was the one after, so I thought I must have zoned out and been in the shower for an hour! Doh! As for the kids thing, I think that when we cast our minds back to early days when babies rarely sleep, every second counts for those sleep-deprived parents. Only recently has it been that putting my kids to bed later means they get up later – usually it’s the exact opposite!

    Anywho, here’s to the official arrival of winter and cosy evenings and actually getting to see the sunrise (there’s a positive spin on it for a night owl!)


  5. You (and your Dad-great comment!) are so right. It’s much better to have more light in the morning, and a longer evening to snuggle down into. Gotta love the Strictly!


  6. When it comes ot the hour change, the kids are fine. it’s me that struggles with it. I’m okay now, but I was getting out of bed wide awake at 4.20am and blogging because I was SOOOOO awake! Anyway, such social media posts are simply dreary and quite dull. Cliched in fact. Interesting point about nurses working for an additional hour. Presumably they work for an hour less when the clocks change theother way?


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