I’m Back

It has been an absolute age since I wrote a blog post, and I know that you’ve all been anticipating my return to writing as much as I’ve been anticipating the return of Poldark to my TV screen.

There’s no major reason for my writing to have ceased over the last couple of months.  I’ve been busy sorting stuff out in my life.  There was, however, something that happened on social media a few weeks back that put a bad taste in my mouth regarding the blogging world.

There was a Facebook campaign, and in short, rather a lot of public disputes took place between bloggers as a result of the campaign.  It was ugly.  It put me off blogging and social media and prompted me to put a distance between myself and that world.

I wanted to distance myself from the internet and the eternal, noisy barrage of information constantly in my face, vying for my attention.

So I stopped blogging.

I vastly reduced my social media activity.

But during that time, I was a little tormented by my lack of written activity.  I usually have a million blog posts in my head, which is part of why I took to writing in the first place.  It has been a good outlet for me.

But recently, I guess I’ve spent a period of time internally villainising social media, which is a little extreme and silly, considering the incredible resource social media and the internet can be.

A good example this is a Facebook group I am a member of, called SW19 Mums Network.  It’s a private (but vast) network for local parents to ask for advice, buy and sell items, share tips or give stuff away.  I recently noticed a post by a young lady requesting the help of parents in the network.

She had found herself in a situation where she was living in her mother’s house with her newborn baby, but had absolutely nothing to her name.  She was sleeping on a mattress on the floor of an empty bedroom, had nothing for her baby and no income.

She turned to SW19 Mums Network to request the help of anyone who had anything they wanted to sell cheaply or give away.  People immediately flocked to her post with items to donate.  A couple of days later, she posted a thank-you post on the group, telling everyone that she’d been overwhelmed with the support she’d received.  Local parents had donated absolutely everything (and more than) she needed, and she was unbelievably grateful.

It was charity on a small and local scale, but it warmed me and reminded me of the positive value of social media, and that altruism does indeed exist.

So I decided to cast my negative feelings aside and return to my blog.  I’m going to make an effort to turn the volume down on the bickering and antagonising that I frequently witness.  Debating for the sake of debating can soon turn ugly on the internet, particularly with a distinct lack of people really knowing each other at all, let alone well.

I have some posts in the pipeline, and time will tell whether I will make some time to actually write them.  Hopefully I will.  I didn’t want to launch into a new post without acknowledging that I haven’t written anything in a while.

So I shall hopefully ‘see’ you soon.  Thanks to all of you who have been back in the last few weeks.


12 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Woohoo, you’re back!! That story just brought tears to my eyes, what a fabulous tale of local charity, and as you say, true altruism!

    Welcome back lovely, I’ve missed your words on my screen xx ps. Hope your head isn’t too sore 😉


    1. Ren, I was blown away by how people flocked to help this young lady. It was lovely to see and did restore a lot of my faith and enjoyment of social media. Altruism at its best.

      Thank you for your lovely comment, hon. I’ve missed writing so much. And my head was not one bit sore! Must do it again… (o; x


  2. Yay! Welcome back Fiona, I have missed reading your posts. I completely understand your feelings about the nasty or just ‘constantly-on’ side of social media and blogging, but I’m glad you have been able to rationalise and see that there can also be positives from it. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon. Xxx


  3. Welcome back, Fiona – and a great heart-warming story to share too.

    Yes, the furore over *that* campaign got rather ugly, didn’t it? A simple act of charity that drew (it seemed to me) wholly unnecessary criticism, got everyone’s hackles up and resulted in a lot of silly judgemental and mob-handed behaviour, on both sides of the debate. I’m not sure when acts of charity became ‘wrong’ or less valid than other humanitarian acts, but it did seem more than a little ludicrous at times. Funny how the simplest of things can bring out the worst in people sometimes, and blot out the 99% of social media that is actually positive.

    Anyhow, nice to have you back.


    1. Tim, acts of charity will never be universally accepted as the right thing. Never. If you’re going to run a campaign, you need to be aware of this. I have seen it recently on a local campaign regarding traffic calming following an accident involving a child. Regardless of the good intentions, there are always criticisms. It’s what makes humans human.

      Aaaaaaanyway, nice to be back!


  4. Yes, was indeed wondering where you’ve been! But glad you decided to come back. I must have been hiding under a rock, I have no idea what THAT campaign was all about. Then again I don’t really go out of my way to find read stuff because as you’ve mentioned I know how awful that side of blogging can be and I like you, don’t want anything to do with it. Welcome back! 🙂 x


    1. I’m here Dean! I went quiet around the same time as my interview on your blog. I’d agreed to do it, but was also in a bad way about other stuff – so it was bad timing. Sorry hon – you’ve been on my mind!

      Good for you not knowing about *that* campaign. It’s history now (the campaign, not the cause). xx

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  5. So happy to have my pal back. Missed your wise words and brilliant writing. Love how the group rallied round together. Amazing, the power of social media and so much good will and kindness out there xx


    1. It was such an brilliant show of genuine care for a local young lady that needed help. It was so reassuring to see so much warmth and good will towards this total stranger.

      It’s super to be back, lady! xx


  6. So glad you’re back, sweetie! People can get vile, on or offline, and to be honest, ignoring them (or going mute, as you did) is what I find the most efficient. Charity and decency don’t need to be on a huge scale to have a massive impact on people’s lives. Whenever a student’s family is in dire need of help, we’ve always found a way to get them everything they needed. A little boy’s house burnt down a couple of weeks ago and the family lost everything. They had no insurance. The following day, collecting essentials started and they now have the material things they need. Community spirit is a strong thing. xxx


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