My Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Habit

*Disclaimer: This IS NOT a sponsored post*

I know people who are loyal to a particular brand for their entire lives.  They’ll stick with the exact same cosmetics products forever, I guess with the philosophy that, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it’.

I’m not one of those people.  I flit from brand to brand, trying out new products to see if the grass is greener.  But I have one exception.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

I do rotate through a selection of brands which I know will be good, but one brand that I return to over and over again is Palmer’s.  Yup, the no-fuss yet iconic bottle of cocoa-butter is the king of skincare for me.

I’ve been using it since I was a teenager, and I have always loved the scent.  If you’re not familiar with it (where the heck have you been?!), it basically smells like chocolate.  Which means it makes you smell like chocolate.  And that chocolatey scent lasts all day.  It makes you smell good enough to eat.

Palmer's cocoa butter

In fact, my husband Ian, who I’ve known since we were teenagers, always associated me with that fragrance.  He always said that I smelt like chocolate, and for years after we lost contact with each other, he continued using Palmer’s to remind him of me.  Altogether now… ‘ahhhhh’.

Seriously though, that’s a pretty bold selling point for this moisturiser, and we haven’t even got to the moisturising bit yet!

Palmer's cocoa butter

Their formula contains vitamin E, which is essential for skin repair.  I’ve spoken to a lot of people who claim that Palmer’s has reduced/prevented stretch marks in pregnancy.

For me, I love this stuff because it does an amazing job at moisturising my dry skin.  The lotion formula is light enough that it doesn’t feel greasy, but it really does an incredible job at moisturising nevertheless.

Palmer's cocoa butter

At the moment, I’m using the original solid formula, which comes in a tub, not a bottle.  I’ve had discussions with other Palmer’s users, and there seems to be a lotion camp and a solids camp.  You either prefer one or the other.  I actually prefer the solid formula – the scent is even richer and it does have a slightly greasier feel, which is even better for my dry skin.  (I’ve been known to use coconut oil on my skin, so it’s fair to say that I’m a fan of grease.)

Palmer's cocoa butter

The solid formula seems to last longer than the lotion too, as you don’t have to use as much.

Palmer's cocoa butter

I’ve recently discovered that Palmer’s make a huge range of other products.  I’ve taken the trouble to spatter this post with photos of the Palmer’s products that I own, but these are the tip of a rather large, cocoa-buttery iceberg.

Palmer's cocoa butter

I use their night cream, which has a hint of that signature chocolatey scent.  And they do hair products!  Shampoos and conditioners!  I think I’ve tried all of their shampoo ranges, and I’m currently stuck on their shea butter formula, largely because they have a lovely rich, sweet scent.

Palmer's cocoa butter

I’m basically wafting a chocolatey aroma around right now, thanks to Palmer’s, and I’m perfectly happy with that.

Palmer's cocoa butter

I adore this brand so much.  They haven’t had to makeover their look – ever – from what I can see.  Their products speak for themselves, like any truly iconic brand.  I just felt the need to shout about them because I love them that much.

Are you in the lotion camp or the solids camp?


2 thoughts on “My Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Habit

  1. That’s a whole lot of love for a brand! I hope they’re going to snap you as up as their ambassador!! 🙂

    I have dabbled with Palmer’s body lotion and really liked it, especially when I was pregnant. I used to slap on their moisturiser every single day but I’m afraid I found it just a little bit too greasy for me in the end. I’ve recently become obsessed with Weleda’s gorgeous new Almond body lotion (I’m hoping they’ll snap me up! ;-)) and cannot get enough of the stuff. Smells amazing too. xxx


    1. Honey, Palmer’s is almost a lifestyle choice for me! I’m ever-so-slightly obsessed with their products, to the point where they’re now going on the kids’ skin.

      I am seriously prone to dry skin, and the solid formula is the perfect antidote. I just adore the smell too. In fact, we were in a playground the other day, and a little girl sat down next to Fraser on the roundabout and said, ‘you smell like chocolate’. This was after I’d put some on his face.

      Brand ambassador would be a dream! (o: Weleda will be foolish to not snap you up, honey – you’d be a great match! xxx


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