Putting My Babies First

This week I had the absolute pleasure of guest posting on Tinuke Bernard’s excellent blog Circus Mums.  I’ve been a fan of her writing for a long time, and was honoured to be asked to guest post on her blog.

I wrote about my story of leaving my nursing career to stay at home with my children.  This story had become totally unremarkable to me, but after writing it down, I realised how drastically our life has changed and how daunting some of the changes we went through were.

“It never ceases to amaze me how life can change so dramatically, how your big life plan can deviate so far from the path that you always envisaged it would take.

My current life looks a little like this; I stay at ‘home’ full-time with my pre-school children, at my in-laws’ house in a part of London I detest, while my husband goes out to work full-time as an electrician.

The previous, and very different picture was this; I used to work full-time as a cardiac specialist nurse in a big London hospital, lived with my husband in our lovely rented two-bed maisonette in a part of London that I loved, and enjoyed the lifestyle of a couple with no children and two good salaries.  But children happened.” …read more


7 thoughts on “Putting My Babies First

    1. Hehe, yeh, I’m normally all about the jokes and humour, so getting all emosh after your emails was a change! Thanks for your words though – really appreciate it. You’re a SUPER writer, so it’s a huge compliment coming from you xx


  1. Love this post Fiona. I know I know your story, but its great to hear it again and remind myself how much you have been an influence on me for the better.
    You are right that employers are inflexible but I wonder also about how much I hid my true feelings of what I wanted out of life once I had children. That old chesnut – ‘work/life/family’ balance isn’t written or said as family/life/work balance now is it!


    1. Thanks so much Alice. I never realise I had so much of an influence on you in a positive way.

      It really frustrates me when I think back to that situation with work, particularly as we had a brilliant solution to the ‘problem’ at the time, which I had half a mind to blog about.

      And so true, always referred to with ‘work’ at the front, when it should be ‘family’. How astute of you! x

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      1. You made me think about what I wanted out if my life. I was following along with everyone else, going back to work after mat leave because that’s what you do…I didn’t have any particular work/career goals, but I did come to realise that I wanted to give my girls my time and energy and support in their childhood. I didn’t want to put work ahead of them (or me) anymore.
        It is frustrating how there is real inflexibility and difficulty in thinking outside the box from employers, but I am glad it’s given me a reason to be brave and explore other avenues of interest 🙂 xx


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