St. Bert’s: Bringing fresh new unisex clothes for kids

My blogging pal Vicki recently brought to my attention this brilliant kids’ clothing company.  It was after I had a mini rant about gender-stereotyping of kids’ clothes – you know, the pink-is-for-girls, trains-are-for-boys mentality (jeez, are we really in the year 2015?).

St. Bert's Clothing Company

Anyway, the company was St Bert’s Clothing Company, and they had sent her out some clothes for her sons.  I had a browse through their online store, and fell in love with the vibrant and retro designs of the clothes.

St. Bert's Clothing Company

Founded in 2014 by husband and wife team Ben and Sarah Goodwin, they are a super young company.  They wanted to provide bright, durable, comfortable and unisex clothes that would stand up to the punishment kids throw at them during play.

For me, the colour palette they use, coupled with the retro designs sold St Bert’s.

Many of the t-shirts feature a surfer motif with a rainbow of colours, while others feature the St. Bert’s logo with the same rainbow of turquoise, mustard, red, purple and orange hues.

St. Bert's Clothing Company

They have tracksuit bottoms in a variety of colours, as well as skirts, pyjamas, hoodies and polo shirts/dresses.

The branding is reminiscent of American companies such as Hollister, but much, much nicer.

St. Bert's Clothing Company

St. Bert’s wanted to send me a few pieces for the boys.  I had a browse on their site, and noticed that they did have some clothes that were aimed exclusively at girls or boys.  I spotted some gorgeous bright yellow shorts in the girls’ section, the only difference being that they were shorter than the styles aimed at boys.

Some of the t-shirts were also for girls/boys only.  The girls’ t-shirts were slimmer, but that was the only difference – no silly capped sleeves or nipped-in waists for the girls.

Being completely unable to decide on a couple of styles that were aimed at girls or boys only, Ben sent me out two girls’ t-shirts and shorts for the boys, as well as two boys’ tees and shorts.

Upon arrival, I was ridiculously excited to have a look and feel of the gorgeous garms.  The colours didn’t disappoint.  Beautifully vibrant, yet a super classy palette.  And the quality of the cotton on the t-shirts was incredible.  Super soft 100% cotton t-shirts – beautifully substantial, and really felt like high quality, high-end items.

The shorts were the same.  They felt very well-made, durable and comfortable.

The next day, the kids tried their clothes on.  The little yellow shorts were adorable!  The kids were really channelling their inner Boris Becker.  If they hadn’t been marketed at girls only, you’d never think twice that boys weren’t supposed to be wearing them.

St. Bert's Clothing Company

They got so many compliments wearing those little yellow shorts.

We also received two girls’ t-shirts.  Ben sent me larger sizes – age 4-5 for 3-and a half year-old Finley, and size 3-4 for 2-year-old Fraser.  The t-shirts fit, but they were slim on the boys.

St. Bert's Clothing Company

St. Bert's Clothing Company

Again, you’d never know that they were supposed to be for girls only, so it is a shame that may parents would probably not even consider choosing these designs for their sons.  I particularly liked Finley’s t-shirt with the red ribbing, as it reminded me of a Flash Gordon t-shirt I saw Freddie Mercury wearing years ago.  I’m a Queen fan.

But I digress.  We also got some boys’ clothes.  These ace t-shirts.

St. Bert's Clothing Company

St. Bert's Clothing Company
These stripy shorts are not from St. Bert’s!

And these ace, long-length, surfer-style shorts that look bloomin’ comfy.

St. Bert's Clothing Company

St. Bert's Clothing Company

Finley loved the huge ‘B’ motifs on the clothes, as well as the rainbow colours.  Just shows how all varieties of colours appeal to children’s eyes.

I had a conversation with Ben on the phone shortly after receiving our clothes, and told him that I felt St. Bert’s were selling themselves short (excuse the pun) by marketing clothes such as the shorts to girls/boys only.  Ben took this heavily on board and informed me that all clothes from AW15 will be unisex.  Great news, in my opinion.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the new range for AW15 from this brilliant new clothing brand.  In the meantime, we’ve got a hot summer ahead, and these super clothes are going to look and feel fabulous in the sunshine.

Thanks so much St. Bert’s – so glad we were introduced to you.

St. Bert’s Clothing Company


10 thoughts on “St. Bert’s: Bringing fresh new unisex clothes for kids

  1. Gorgeous kids, gorgeous clothes and go you for being so honest hon. I agree that they’re missing a trick and glad to hear your advice swayed them to reconsider their marketing strategy xx


    1. I think they had made that decision to go 100% unisex already, and I was so pleased to hear it. I don’t subscribe to gender stereotypes and see no reason why there should be any difference between the clothes that girls and boys wear. Let kids choose what they want, and let them wear bright, comfy clothes.

      Let boys choose pink and girls choose steam engines!

      I think St. Bert’s are providing a brilliant selection for children here, and the ‘girls” choices are just as suitable for boys, as my kids prove! xxx


      1. Totally agree lovely. Great quality children’s clothing is a bit of a rarity in this day and age, where people would rather shop in primark every other week, and chuck clothes in the bin 😦 they look like a fab brand xx


      2. Oh tell me about it. Cheap clothes can really be a false economy when they fall apart after first use, or shrink after the first wash.

        You pay £5 for a poor-quality tee, get two wears from it before it is no longer decent. You may as well have paid double for something that lasts and looks good after washing.

        We’ve washed our St. Bert’s clothes several times already – no shrinkage, no loss of colour, no damage. xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Will check them out! Which reminds me, I was looking for a sun suit for T last week and couldn’t find one I the girls section which I liked, which like you said wasn’t pink. Found one in blue (but with red flowers) which seemed okay. But didn’t have it on her size. I found one in orange in the little boys section and bought it for T!


    1. Good on you! I frequently shop in the ‘girls” sections for bright clothes for the boys. Blues, greens and beiges get a little dull after a while. St. Bert’s are awesome. As well as their designs, the quality of the clothes is just fantastic. Well worth it. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos and I love that they are unisex, if I had a girl I would dress her in all these pieces, this is what style should be about, vibrant, bold, well made clothes for all. Love this and you’re welcome my lovely x


    1. They are just such gorgeous clothes, and I’m so glad you introduced us! Everyone that has seen St. Bert’s clothes have commented on how lovely they are. I’ve said it before – I want some t-shirts like these for myself! Thanks so much honey xx


  4. They look really well made. Lovely designs and I agree, they are selling themselves short by gender labelling some of their designs so it’s great to hear that they won’t be with their upcoming range.
    Oh and I can’t leave a comment and not point out how amazingly beautiful your boys are. They should model for St Berts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They truly are beautiful quality – more superior than a designer brand that we recently were given brand new for both boys.

      I had a look on their website yesterday and the labels for ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ seem to have disappeared, which is fantastic news!

      Thanks for your comment on the boys – my husband keeps saying that they’d be great models. (o; xx


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