Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7: Helping busy parents get organised

Three Mobile got in touch with me last week to ask if I’d be interested in having a look at an entry-level mini tablet.  The tablet was the Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7, and Three Mobile wanted to find out how this device could help busy parents organise their lives.

I am one of those busy parents, and I could do with every bit of help I can get.  So let’s get straight to it.

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7

The One Touch Pixi 7 is an entry-level tablet, meaning it’s bang on budget.  It’s small with a 7 inch screen, which makes it pretty perfect from my point of view.  It isn’t as cumbersome to carry as some larger tablets.  My male entourage are 2 and 3-years old, which means that I usually leave the house with everything bar the kitchen sink.

Working as a freelancer and frequently attached to some form of electronic device, the last thing I need in my saddle bags is a huge mobile computer.  Although I can just about use my phone for a lot connectivity, the screen on the tablet is big enough to comfortably type as I would using a normal keyboard.  Brilliant.

I can draft blogs and emails on the go without taking my laptop with me.  The predictive text actually makes it slightly easier to get those words out.  I simply cannot do this on a smaller screen.


Setting up the device was a cinch.  Upon powering up the device, it had some charge.  I connected it to the mains and topped it up until it had full power.  This took roughly an hour.

The ‘on’ button is in the usual place, at the top right on the side.  I was directed to a setup process that was ridiculously easy to follow.  Because the last thing you need is a complicated and confusing setup before you’re allowed to even use the thing, particularly as time is precious!

Once in, I was able to easily connect to my WiFi by using the drag-down menu at the top.  The operating system was almost identical to my Samsung android phone and incredibly intuitive.  Fantastic.

I found all of the apps that I would expect to find.  I use multiple social media accounts – managing a number of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts through my freelance work.  These were as easy and intuitive to set up as standard phones are, which again, saves a lot of time faffing around.

Any apps that weren’t there (WordPress, for example) were super easy to find via Play Store, which was conveniently located on the home screen.

Other useful apps were included.  There is a calendar which you are able to add events and alarms to.  Won’t forget about that play date I organised three weeks in advance then!  There is an alarm clock (for those days when you have a cheeky nap during Mr Bloom) and a calculator (because let’s face it, parenthood zaps brain cells).

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7

OfficeSuite7 was also on there, which allows you to create and edit spreadsheets, word process, create and edit presentations or PDFs.  These are not as comprehensive as other versions you may find on your laptop, but they are useful and useable on this sized device nevertheless.  Because running presentations during coffee shop business meetings is always handy.

Battery life seems to be grand.  It states that is has four hours life, which I assume means four hours of continual use.  I used it fairly heavily on the first couple of days, and it has held its charge.  I’ve now left it idle for several days, and it still has 31% battery remaining.  Great!

There is a port for a mini SD card, which means you can top up your memory capability.  It has a camera, but I have to say, I’m unlikely to be using this device for creating photos or videos, as the camera quality is poor.  Hey, something had to give at this price.  No big deal.

While I’m at it, the screen quality isn’t wonderful either.  But again, for this budget, that is to be expected.  I wouldn’t use this device for viewing HD movies, but it is perfectly good as an electronic organiser of files, emails and social media.

This super tablet basically does everything you’d want and need a small device to do.  It makes it much easier to connect to the internet when you’re out and about.  There’s little point in arguing that you can work online using a phone.  You can’t.  The screen is too small, and all of that typing using your thumb has been known to cause hand and wrist injuries.  Seriously.  If you’re using your phone for a lot of typing or internet, now is the time to ditch it and get yourself a little Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7.  It won’t hurt your purse, but will allow you to organise your life that bit easier (and safer?) than your phone does.

I’m going to make it really easy for you and direct you straight to the website you need to purchase this brilliant little device – so go on, click here and get organised!

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4 thoughts on “Alcatel One Touch Pixi 7: Helping busy parents get organised

  1. Oh what a pretty notebook I see next to your tablet! That looks like a nifty little gadget. I also tend to use my tablet for drafting posts when I’m out and about and I couldn’t imagine carrying my (huge) laptop around in my handbag. xx


    1. Isn’t it such a pretty notebook next to my nifty tablet… This is a great little device, just the right size to fit into my handbag and so easy to type and surf on. I love it! xx


  2. I would never usually look at entry-level tablets but this seems to have a lot going for it actually! Like you said, more of an organiser than some of the other higher-spec tablets but that’s probably just what most of us need! X X


    1. You know what, it really does have a lot going for it. If you were needing something to watch movies or view photos, this isn’t the one for you. But for everyday use – using it as an organiser, using it for emails, social media etc, it is perfect. MUCH easier to use than a phone (I hate emailing on my phone), yet portable enough to go neatly in your bag. It is most definitely all I needed! x


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