What, it isn’t just the day after Britmums Live 2015?

Yup, as if it wasn’t enough that BritMUMS Live suggests that it is an event for female parents only, this year it also coincided with the weekend of Father’s Day.

For (two) weeks (because I only ordered my ticket two weeks ago) I have had Father’s Day pencilled into my head as happening straight after Britmums Live.  Knowing that my lovely husband (who insisted I went to Britmums in the first instance) would be parenting alone yesterday (the Saturday), I had it planned that we’d have a lovely Father’s Day chilling out.

Instead, Britmums seems to have wiped my memory, and I woke up this morning with no recollection of Father’s Day in my head.  It was only after I had phoned my parents’ house, spoke to my dad and hung up that my mother texted me to ask if I knew it was Father’s Day today.  DOH!

So full confessional here: I forgot.  I remembered up until Friday, and then forgot.  I’m an idiot.

Ian has now been sung, ‘Happy Father’s Day to You’ in the tune of ‘Happy Birthday’, as well as received a home-drawn card (which has now been embellished with Peppa Pig stickers and scribble), breakfast in bed (Crunchy Nut Cornflakes) and coffee in a mug that Finley decorated at nursery.

I’ll be seeing my dad later, where he will also receive a card (he knows this now, because he will be reading this).

So happy Father’s day to Ian (my babies’ daddy) and my dad, pictured with some crazy lady below.

Dad and I


8 thoughts on “What, it isn’t just the day after Britmums Live 2015?

  1. Well, thanks m’dear! I shall look forward to getting one of your delightful hand-made cards this afternoon (you can leave the Peppa Pig stickers off if you’re running short). Love, dad x

    (What on earth was I doing in that shot?? Actually, I know what I was doing – Finley’s favourite trick. Can anybody out there guess what, I wonder???)


    1. You got Peppa Pig stickers, dad! Finley insisted. Fortunately they were the subtle stars that were artistically scattered around.

      We were striking a pose in that shot, dad xxx


  2. It’s quite weird that “after it was over” feeling isn’t it?! My sister just phoned to check that I’d forgotten too 😄 Fortunately the kids at least had cards to give Richard! Xx


    1. Oh dear, I’m such a wally for forgetting Father’s Day! I put together a pretty good home-made card, considering the situation! Hope you’re recovering from the weekend and are back into ‘normal mode’ again, Sam xx


  3. Lol, it was so easy to forget in the run up to Britmums. I was rushing around like a headless chicken on Friday morning trying to get something done as I suddenly realised that it was Father’s Day this weekend too! Was so lovely to meet you at Britmums 🙂


    1. Louise, I felt terrible (until I remembered how bad my Mother’s Day was this year). He still got a great lie-in and breakfast in bed!

      It was brilliant to meet you at Britmums too, especially after I gave it all the ‘I’m not gonna be at Britmums’ spiel. I genuinely wasn’t going until my husband talked me into it.

      You made an excellent mummy! xx


  4. Honestly, what are you like?!? 🙂

    Next time I get accused of forgetting Mother’s Day, our anniversary, my god-daughter’s birthday or any of the other notable dates peppered across the calendar – I work on the assumption that every day I will forget some milestone and I’m more often than not proven correct – and get accused of being a typical man, I am going to point my wife at this post and say, “Look, women do it too!”

    So I guess you’ve just done men everywhere a public service of sorts. Ta!


    1. I know, I’m an idiot!! It was only after speaking to my dad, hanging up, and then receiving a reminder text from my mum that I exclaimed ‘oh god, it’s Father’s Day!’, before rallying around making a (at best) disappointing breakfast in bed and coffee, and home made card (my home made cards are good, actually).

      But really, if I cast my mind back to Mother’s Day, where I was promised a lie-in after going out on a bender the night before – and then actually waking at the crack of dawn to see to the kids, because Ian DIDN’T give me a lie-in, or indeed wake up – I don’t think I did too badly at all. I didn’t even get a card, or flowers, or anything!!! So yes, go ahead and show your wife all of this, if you wish… (*rolls eyes* – men!). Only joking, you’re all lovely.


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