The Perils of Part-Worn Tyres

I wrote this post for Delta Autos/Wimbledon Tyres blog. I’ve never purchased part-worn tyres for my car, but it is apparent that a lot of people choose part-worn tyres to save money. This post not only highlights why part-worn tyres are frequently more expensive than new tyres, but why they are also incredibly dangerous.

Delta Autos Blog

It is safe to say that we are not fans of part-worn tyres here.  In fact, we are proud to exclusively sell new tyres, and there is a good reason for this.

We are acutely aware that owning a car is an expensive commodity, no matter what the make or model.  Car tax, MOT, servicing and motor insurance to fork out for annually soon adds up to hundreds of pounds, and that’s before you take into consideration any costs for new parts and repairs to your vehicle.

Wimbledon's tyres

Part-worn tyres may appear to be a more cost-effective option, but we want to urge you to think twice if you’re considering selecting part-worn tyres for your car.

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll already know just how important tyres are.  Your tyres are the only link between your car and the road.  Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that that…

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