Padstow Parking Fine

Following on from my ‘tyres and tribulations‘ post, here is another anecdotal blog post from our time in Cornwall.  It is in video format, as it is much quicker to film than write.  This is basically a little message for Padstow Town Council, which goes along with an email I sent to them earlier about a parking fine they gave us.

Padstow Parking Fine

It was totally fair of them to issue our car with the fine, but I hope that they realise that we made a genuine mistake by paying for the wrong vehicle!

Anyway, have a look at this slightly chatty vlog.  Let me know if you’ve done a similar thing, and if you think that Padstow Town Council should waive the fine.


5 thoughts on “Padstow Parking Fine

  1. LOVE seeing you here Fiona, it’s the first Vlog of yours that I’ve watched. For some reason I thought you were Irish, that’s tickled me 😉 Hope you get the fine sorted, I’m sure the people at Padstow Council are a bit friendlier than in other parts of the country… lets organise a meet up lady, seeing as you won’t be at Brit Mums xx


    1. I’m actually laughing here at the thought of you reading my blogs in an Irish accent! Hilarious! I’ve made a handful of vlogs. I really enjoy making them, but usually spend A LOT more time editing them than I did with this one, so they are usually longer to put together.

      Padstow Town Council just emailed me to tell me that they will review my case and get back to me as soon as they can. Fingers crossed they will be nice and take pity on us making a silly error.

      Let’s definitely organise a meet-up. You’re not from Ireland either, are you? d: xx


  2. Oops – that is SO the sort of thing I would do! Hope you get it sorted, but like you I have a feeling they may be awkward about it! Glad you had a great holiday though 🙂


    1. I know Sonya, a proper ‘doh!’ moment! We did have a great holiday, and the total irony is that Ian spent a lot of time away from us on the beach that day moving the car out of another pay and display car park that I’d parked in, before that ticket ran out. If we’d have known this would happen, we’d have just left the car where it was, got the fine, and then had a lovely day with Ian on the beach with us. We’ll see what happens…


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