Free Range Chick on (temporary) Hiatus

Hello!  It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  Things have got a little busy here, and there is less time to blog on Free Range Chick.  Although this sucks a little, it is actually a good thing and probably temporary.

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to do some social media work with my local garage (yes, the one I wrote about a few weeks ago).

It is a big project, and I don’t know how long I’ll be working on it for.  I had almost forgotten about how labour intensive setting up a new blog and social media profile is.  But that is essentially what I’m going to be up to.

I’m really excited about this because as well as getting my teeth stuck into a challenging project, I’m also getting to write and learn about cars.  I’d actually forgotten how much I used to be into motoring, until my old friend John (yes, we got back in touch and have been socialising) asked me if I still loved cars.

I’d totally forgotten that side of me and I’m glad it is filtering back.  I told him about the work I’m doing with my garage and his response was, ‘that makes perfect sense’.

So although many of you may be wondering why on earth I’m combining writing a parenting blog, working with a jewellery brand on their vlog and blog and working on the social media and blog of a small independent garage; to those close to me, this all makes ‘perfect sense’.

All of the social media accounts are yet to be up and running, and I’m in the process of creating the blog.  You can find me tweeting on the Twitter handle @Wimbledon_Tyres (follow if you fancy).  If you have any motoring queries you have always wondered, I’d love to hear them and perhaps we can incorporate the answers into their new blog.  I’m all ears, so fire away!

In the meantime, I’m still about, and I’m still reading your lovely blogs and trying to comment on as many as I can – you’re all fantastic writers, and you know who you are.

See you very soon!


19 thoughts on “Free Range Chick on (temporary) Hiatus

  1. Ah, best of luck with it all! If it makes you happy, then that’s all the sense you need 🙂 Good for them getting someone so talented on board, and good for you embracing a new challenge! I’ll miss your posts but could to know you’ll be coming back 🙂


    1. Lovely Robyn, the hiatus will probably be two weeks, max! I just feel that I’m going to be so swamped that I’m not going to put the time in to blog on here.

      If you fancy reading motoring blogs, then please do pop over to the Delta Autos blog that I’ll be setting up and writing for! I had seriously forgotten how much I loved cars.

      I’ll be about and I’ll still be reading your outstanding (seriously) blog posts. xxx

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    1. Hehe, ‘talented and knowledgeable’. I’ll fully aim to fulfil those accolades! It is an undoubtedly odd combo, isn’t it? But actually, it does make ‘perfect sense’. xx


  2. good luck setting it all up my lovely! I’ll be missing your posts but I’m sure you’ll manage to rustle one up from time to time. I’ll follow the Twitter account right now. Xx


    1. Aw, thanks Mel! Honestly, the hiatus is unlikely to be more than two weeks long – in fact, I’m tempted to post a little something right now! Thanks so much for following Wimbledon Tyres’ twitter account – it’ll be me writing the tweets, so feel free to say hi! xx


  3. Great to hear about the new project and that things are going positively after reconnecting with John. It’s lovely when the real world and the social media world come together to produce something positive, as it has with your garage. Plus, any additional conversations about cars are always welcome. 🙂


    1. Thanks Tim! Yes, I’m delighted about my new project. Getting to blog about jewellery and tyres on a semi-professional basis is pretty damn cool. And it’s like John and I never parted company. We’ve had two boozy nights out since I wrote that post (I paid heavily the next day after one of those nights). So all is good over here.

      Always happy to converse about cars, although I may start to get a bit geeky about them now. It was only the other day that I was pondering what would be more wearing on a car’s mechanics; engine breaking at speed or using the brakes.


  4. Paid work – yay! Wish I could say that was the reason for my blog going a bit quiet but unfortunately not. Still you know all about that. To be honest it can be kind of therapeutic to be forced away from the blog for a bit. Good luck with the garage project X


    1. I do know all about ‘that’, Sam. Although I’ll probably have less time for my blog, it won’t feel like I’m away from blogging because I’ll be blogging with different voices (does that make sense?). So looking forward to it, although it is going to be a lot of work. xx


    1. Thanks Louise! All going grand – but I’ve been able to get back to my blog this week (as you can tell, because I’m finally responding to comments from weeks and weeks ago). Loving writing about cars, though! x


    1. Hello hon! You’re so sweet, you must have so much on to be thinking about missing one of my ‘updates’. New project going great – I’m too excited to be writing about cars.

      As for Britmums, nope not going. I’ve kinda made a deliberate point to avoid blogging shindigs. I couldn’t even tell you why. I’ve always been a bit of a renegade. Are you going? xxx


  5. Absolutely brilliant news! Sounds like something you can really sink your teeth into. I loved the post you wrote about the mechanics, I’m not surpised they wanted to work with you, you made me want to use them and I don’t even live in London xxx

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    1. Oh man – this comment warmed my cockles so much, and I hadn’t had time to respond to it until now. I suck. Even before I started working for them, my husband said that when we move out of London, he would use them, so they are mos def worth the journey!

      Hope you’re well, Tin x


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