Considering Dropping the ‘Parenting & Lifestyle’ Strapline

I have been considering dropping the strapline of ‘parenting and lifestyle’ from my blog.  You see, I’m not particularly sure if that is the correct way to describe this blog.  Yes, I have kids, and yes, I sometimes write posts about the kids or stuff that we did as a family.

However, a large proportion of my posts are about a lot of random stuff and certainly not particularly ‘parenty’.  I originally slapped the P&L badge to my blog because I thought that the blog would be largely that.  It also fit into what I was doing with my other frustrating website at the time I launched the blog.

But things have changed and I have evolved.  I wouldn’t call myself a fashion blogger, but I do some work with OAK Jewellery which is certainly under the fashion umbrella.  I write about friendship, guitars, cars and bras.  I write about things that anger me, things that inspire me and things that make me chuckle.  I sometimes write about love.  I sometimes write about food.

I write about things that matter to me, regardless of whether I believe they’ll matter to anyone else, and sometimes this is also about being a mother.

The problem with losing the P&L umbrella is, well, where on earth do I stand without it?  Indeed, do I need to stand under a blogging umbrella?  Will people get it if I leave the parenting shelter?  Do they even get it now?

This dilemma totally reflects my life.  At school I never had one sole group of friends that I stuck with at all times.  I drifted from groups, to single friends, without losing other friendships.  Even now, I don’t have one clique.  My husband’s friend group is the same since school.  Most of his friends are friends with each other.  Most of my friends don’t know each other.  I have friends that I see on an individual basis, and they are all very different to each other.  A lot of them may not get on with each other, but they all appeal to different parts of me.

Much like my blog posts.  They are invariably different and reflect different parts of me.  They don’t necessarily complement each other, and many readers who relate to one post may not relate to the others at all (therefore quickly closing their browser and leaving Free Range Chick).

The truth is, although I’m largely happy with this, I suspect it may be the formula for the most confusing blog in the world.

So what do you think I should do?  Lose the P&L strapline, and be quite literally the Free Range Chick?  Or keep it because it works with all the kiddy posts and makes it much easier to place me in a sensible, easy-to-locate box?

I’m all ears.

And then the fun began...

10 thoughts on “Considering Dropping the ‘Parenting & Lifestyle’ Strapline

  1. Tough one, there’s a lot of value in being a parenting blogger if you want to go pro or do more pro work but equally being a lifestyle blogger is cool too and you cross over all niches, as I do. I say do what feels comfortable, whatever you choose, the quality is there for all the read and see, you rock x


    1. Thanks Vicki. A lot to think about and I’m gonna give myself some time to work it out. I’ve got some other outlets for some of the topics I want to write about, so I can probably juggle doing those things there and parenting stuff over here. We’ll see how it goes x


  2. Ha! I had an existential blogging crisis like this not so long ago Fiona – despairing somewhat of not having a niche within P&L – because I feel that my posts are so all over the place – everything from politics to childhood memories, days out with the kids to film reviews. I think the point is that you can do whatever you want – whether you call yourself P&L or not (it being more pertinent if you are trying to sell a certain type of product or lifestyle which obvs I’m not!). As to friends – I’m the same – I have lots of individual friends and for me, friendships work best one on one which is not to say that I haven’t craved to be part of a friendship group (I loved Sex & The City as much as the next woman!) but something about my personality just seems to preclude me from that kind of group bond. Thanks for linking up to #thetruthabout hon Xx


    1. Sam, I think that the concept of ‘selling’ a product or lifestyle doesn’t really exist for me. I’ve worked with brands that I’ve approached – and some of those things haven’t been parenting-centric. I don’t believe I have a lifestyle to market, and I certainly don’t think I market my lifestyle if I do! I didn’t really think these things through when I created this blog, and I do sit up and consider what it is about a lot.

      As for the friend thing, I’ve had periods in my life where I’ve been in groups, largely when I was younger. Those times were pretty messy periods in my life with lots of ‘fun’, but not a lot of quality. Having isolated and very high-quality friends is far better for me, if not a little difficult to keep up with as I have to allocate a night out for each one!

      Thanks for having me on #TheTruthAbout and sorry it’s taken me this long to respond x


  3. Hmm, personally I think you should do what you want to do, write what you want to write about in your blog. It’s your blog after all right? Don’t worry about being labeled, or not being labeled. I think people read your blog because of your personality, regardless of whether you right about motherhood, fashion or music 😉


  4. I agree with all of the above – ultimately it’s your choice to do as you see fit. A label is just a label – if you want to earn an income and connect with brands it’s a useful label, but if you’re writing for yourself and your readers then it doesn’t really matter very much. Ultimately your blog is about you, what you write and who and how you choose to interact with readers/commenters/other bloggers. You’re not defined by a strapline.


    1. Thanks Tim. It had been playing on my mind a lot as I wasn’t (I’m still not) sure if it was an accurate title. I guess it is and it isn’t. It probably isn’t that important in the scheme of things. I don’t rely on this blog as an income and I approach brands that I want to work with, as opposed to the other way round. I don’t enter blog awards, so it doesn’t matter in terms of that. What is certain is that this blog is certainly very me. So I’m getting that bit right!


  5. I’m also in agreement with the previous comments – nothing wrong with labelling yourself as a “parenting and lifestyle” blogger if you want to stand under a particular umbrella and can see how it helps with engagement with brands but it’s your blog at the end of the day and if you don’t feel you need a label to go with it, I don’t see why you should have to have one.


    1. Thanks Louise. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, wondering if it is an accurate description of the blog (especially when I start churning out posts about rubbernecking road users!). I’ve now got some other outlets for my ‘other’ blog post topics, so perhaps FRC will begin to be more parenting focussed than it has been. Who knows. Things will be a little sparse over here for a bit, but I’ll be about.


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