Working with Oak Jewellery

So you guys may have noticed that I have written a few posts about jewellery in the past, with a focus on outstanding British jewellery brand Oak Jewellery.  Well, I have been working with them for the past few months, writing some of their blog posts and creating vlogs for them.

 Fiona 34 inch Oak chain I wanted to give it a while to settle in with what I’ve been doing with them before I talked about it on here.  It has been going great and I’ve been loving working solely on writing and filming about all things bling.

What I am going to aim to do is to do a little preview of each of my posts on here for all of those who are interested reading more about their jewellery over on their blog.

Charming charms

In the meantime, here is a link to their blog, where you can see the blogs and vlogs that I’ve worked on.  They are working on a subscription plugin for their blog, so hang in there if you’re wanting to subscribe to read more about the girls and their gorgeous products.  In the meantime, I’ll direct you to your ‘bookmarks’ button at the top of your browser so you can bookmark their page for when you’re ready to make a beautiful purchase!  You’re welcome.

I know you’re going to love Oak as much as I do and as always, I’d be delighted to hear your feedback.

My heart spins


8 thoughts on “Working with Oak Jewellery

  1. Love it! Never thought of wearing a long chain that way – you may have started a new trend. Going to practice with my own bits now…. X


  2. Oh darling, love this post and all your fabulous work for Oak, they are a stunning brand and you lady are one stunning, eloquent smart ambassador for them. Adore your videos and now I want to shop, shop, shop xx


    1. Aw, thank you honey. What a lovely thing to say! I’m loving working with them. They are indeed a stunning brand and I always feel amazing wearing their jewellery (and sitting in a studio full of it!). I think I’ll join you shop, shop, shopping! xx


  3. I thought it was about time I popped over to your blog to have a good gander! 😉 So here I am, so sorry it’s taken me so long! As a fellow jewellery lover, naturally I am particularly drawn to this gorgeous post. What absolutely stunning jewellery, I do love a super charm. Personal, stylish and totally ‘charm’ing (get it?!) Love the video too, you’re a natural! Seriously I expect many more vlogs from you in the future. Gorgeous brand and what a gorgeous, professional and totally lovely ambassador they have in you. You are perfect from them! (I am now desperate to have a shop…and I’ll totally blaming you) 🙂 xxx


    1. Katie, lovely to see you over here at FRC… welcome! I have noticed that you are a fellow jewellery fan, so I’m delighted you’ve had a butcher’s at my absolute favourite jewellery brand in the universe!

      ‘Charm’ing – totally got it – high fives! I’ve seen all of their charms in the flesh, and they are nothing short of exquisite. I’m heading down there this afternoon to have a play around with some shiny things, and will hopefully be shooting a vlog for them soon. Watch this space.

      Thanks so much for the video compliment too – it was something I almost vowed I’d never do, but actually rather enjoy it now. Haven’t made a vid in a while now. Must remedy that.

      Thanks so much for your uplifting comment – I’m big-time blushing over here. Enjoy jewellery browsing, and don’t forget to let me know if you make a purchase! xxx


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