From Flu to Al Fresco (dining)

So the last few weeks have been a little rubbish.  I was hampered with some form of actual flu a couple of weeks ago, which led to two weeks of me being completely out of action.  We didn’t leave the house, we didn’t do anything fun, I didn’t do any writing.  It was miserable.


One of the big things I missed was going out.  I leave the house to go somewhere with the kids daily.  We often go out a couple of times in the day, and I won’t tell you that we always do something exciting.  For the most part, it is trips to the playground, a walk along the river and/or a trip to the shops while we’re at it.  Sometimes we drive further out.  The kids enjoy the fresh air, they enjoy spotting a little bit of nature and they enjoy being out of the house.

Picnic collages4

I missed this aspect of our lives while I was stuck on the sofa, especially as our trips out break up our days nicely.  The days at home seemed to drag on, meal times were more awful than ever and bedtime couldn’t come quickly enough.  Wow, that really does make parenthood sound like a drudge doesn’t it?  I guess it kinda was while I was ill.

Picnic collages3

Anyway, once I was better, it was great to get back out and back into our usual routine.  One of the things that I really enjoy doing is packing a picnic and eating al fresco with them.  Meal times at home can sometimes be fraught, with the kids’ attentions wandering to all the stimuli around them, resulting in a stressed me and a hungry them.


When we head out just before lunch and pack something to eat, the kids seem to eat far better and they enjoy the experience which makes everyone very happy.  So this week, we have been heading out with our sandwiches and other treats (anyone spot the homemade chocolate cupcakes?), happily combining leisure and lunch in one fell swoop.  I took a few snaps of our time out on the big camera and on the phone to share with you all, and especially to link up with Coombe Mill’s #CountryKids linky.

Picnic collages2

I thoroughly recommend taking packed lunches out with the kids whenever you can.  They really do make lunchtime fun and a lot easier, in my opinion.  It never has to be anything fancy.  Our usual menu usually consists of peanut butter sandwiches, bananas, homemade cakes occasionally, savoury snacks by Organix (this is not a sponsored post) and chopped salad vegetables.  There’s also every excuse to get out now that the weather isn’t quite as bitter as it was a couple of months ago.

Do you picnic often?  What’s on your picnic menu?


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


10 thoughts on “From Flu to Al Fresco (dining)

  1. Oh hon I feel for you! I was totally and utterly floored by the flu the week before Xmas, it’s rotten having to look after kids when we’re sick! Glad you’re on the mend now.

    My lot love a bit of al fresco lunching too. Because we eat grain free, dairy free and sugar free a packed lunch is essential for us. Hope you’re having a fab Easter xxx


    1. Yes, such a true statement. The flu does indeed floor one. Awful. And the recovery time is ridiculous! Having unique dietary requirements does indeed warrant a bit of planning, so I can imagine packed lunches are indeed essential. It is far more fun than having a battle at the dinner table or in a restaurant. The kids just eat so much better whilst outside.

      We’re having a restful Easter hon – hope you are too xxx


  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better now. Our kids love picnics, whether it’s when we’re out and about or even in the back garden or, on occasion, on a cold, wet day on blankets in our living room. It’s clearly so much more fun for them than eating at the table!


    1. Thanks Tim, I’m very glad I’m feeling better too. I think that making meal times exciting in any way possible is always going to be a winner with the kids.

      I watched Jonathan Ross recently, and he has Paloma Faith on his show. In her interview, she shared some fond memories she had of meal times when she was a child. She said that her mum used to always serve the same thing – pasta. But because her mum was so creative, she used to find all sorts of ways to make the unadventurous meals exciting. For example, her mum would sometimes set up a restaurant situation for her, playing the waitress and asking her what she would like from the menu (of pasta). She would then bring it over and play the part of the waitress perfectly. Paloma sounded like she absolutely loved her mother’s creativity here, turning the mundane into fun. I was inspired!


  3. So pleased you are feeling better and able to get out and about again. Being indoors all day with young children really is no fun and makes everyone grumpy. Like you we are big fans of picnic lunches, even though mine are now teens I will take a packed lunch to the beach with us, I’m sure children eat more outdoors and it certainly feels easier and less stressful when they can come and go and play in between. Great advice for everyday outdoor fun. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.


    1. Thanks so much Fiona. We’ve been really making up for it lately, having lots of outdoors fun.

      I remember loving picnics as teens. In fact, I still love a picnic myself! Mum used to pack the most amazing array of stuff to eat, and we’d head out into the country for a picturesque feast. Bliss.

      You’re right – they do seem to eat more outdoors. Even today, we simply ate out in the garden, and the kids couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about their grub.

      Thanks for having me on #CountryKids x


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