My Top 5 Dream Jobs

So you all know that I’m totally living the dream right now, earning almost no income as a stay-at-home mum, blogging for a pittance and wasting my nursing degree.  While pondering my numerous professional failures, I was contemplating what would be my most ideal jobs.  I came up with a list of the best ones, and here they are.


My Wedding Florist

No, not just any florist, just my wedding florist.  In the run-up to our wedding, I visited my florist in Plumstead to discuss my floral requirements.  She worked from home, having a lovely workshop within her home containing everything that all good wedding florists need.  Beautiful flowers everywhere, a variety of different coloured materials and embellishments and arty inspiration everywhere we turned.  It struck me that she had such a lovely job, getting to think about and arrange flowers for a living and having the perfect excuse to do ‘pretty things’ all day long.  Lovely.

Lead guitarist for Whitesnake

This would be the best job in the world.  Ever.  If I were the lead guitarist for Whitesnake, it would mean that I would be amazing at guitar and would get paid a lot of money for my axeman skills.  It would also mean that I would have unlimited access to David Coverdale’s tremendous voice, which would make me a very happy lady indeed.  Obviously it would mean quite a bit of time away from the home on tour, but my kids are rock fans, so they would probably love being on the road.

A Storm Chaser

When I was growing up I was a little mesmerised by the storm documentaries on Discovery Channel.  I was fascinated with the destructive force and untameable violence of tornadoes.  I used to watch the teams jump into their huge, modified pickup trucks and head right into the storm, through the ‘wall cloud’, past the bowling-ball-sized hailstones and narrowly missing the vortex before deploying a swarm of flimsy little monitoring devices into the eye.

To this day, I am yet to see a real-life tornado, despite dreaming about them all the time.  Although, I was once kindly told by a local to the southern states that my fascination with twisters was a little odd, especially considering he had seen them in real-life, and knew that the twisters he’d seen had killed people.  Fair point.  Doesn’t make them any less fascinating as a force of nature.

Chief Health Consultant for the BBC’s Casualty and Holby City

I have watched these two programmes on and off for a number of years, and since qualifying as a registered nurse (I’m not currently registered), it has never ceased to amaze me how rubbish they are at getting basic medical details correct.  I don’t know who they’re paying to give them accurate medical information, but that person is clearly having a laugh, because I don’t know one medical professional who doesn’t watch Holby or Casualty (‘Casuality’, as my old friend used to call it), and laugh out loud at the horrific errors.  If I see one more TV numpty trying to defibrillate an asystolic patient, I will throw my TV out of the window.

Any Role in Poldark

Just so that I have any opportunity whatsoever to get my grubby mits on the beautiful Aidan Turner.  That’s all.

So that is my dream job list.  I’m definitely plumping for Whitesnake’s lead guitarist.  Wish.  Me.  Luck.

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19 thoughts on “My Top 5 Dream Jobs

  1. Ha, I think my equivalent to Poldark would have to be any role in Orphan Black to be in the presence of the insanely talented Tatiana Maslany (who has, to date, played nine different characters, including as many as four in the same scene).

    It’s an interesting idea to consider what my dream job would be. In some respects I would say ‘professional writer’, but I’m not sure the reality would be anywhere near as much fun as the idea of it.

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    1. Tim, I can honestly say that I don’t know that actor or the show she features in (Fiona heads in the direction of Google). I barely watch any TV these days, so Poldark is a are TV treat for me. Literally.

      If you’re getting any amount of earnings for your writing endeavours, then I would say that you are a professional writer. Therefore, I reckon that means you’re living the dream!


  2. The wedding florist sounds divine … If I were to be in a band, I think I’d like to play the bass guitar. There’s something really sexy and cool about female bassists, think Kim of the Pixies/Breeders or the female bassist of Smashing Pumpkins … dum, dum, dum… Anyway, I’ll settle for a freelance scriptwriter for CBeebies 😉


  3. Love this so much. Firstly you are a brilliant blogger and are doing so well already and nothing is wasted. Directing on set (I did a short traineeship on the Bill too) as well as other dramas, I remember working closely with med professionals/ police etc for accuracy), long, long hours though chick. You are such a thrill-seeker too, love that pic! x

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    1. Vicki, does that mean that you came down to where they used to film The Bill in Merton on that trading estate?

      Thanks though (for the pep talk and general lovely words). Thrill-seeker, in reality, if I saw a twister I’d probably be keeping my eye out for the nearest place to get underground. I’d still love to see one (from a safe distance). xx


    1. Aw Zaz, thanks for heading over! I thought I hid the hard-on-myself bit well with humour, but clearly you and Vicki saw right through that. Thanks for having me on #AllAboutYou and I shall be back really soon x


    1. Yes, I drive past there almost daily and always think of The Bill. Do you remember Merton Abbey Mills, which is just a 2-minute walk down the river Wandle from there? We’re there ALL THE TIME. X


    1. Drumming is easy. Well, it looks easy, especially when I watch my kids..? And they don’t do anything with their heads or tummies, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Great, no band auditions required – we’re all set! xx #TheList


  4. Haha! Love it! However first I need to give you a stern talking to, you know, blogger to blogger. Because you’re not failing, not in the slightest. You’re learning, you’re growing, you’re trying and you’re winning, because you’re pursuing and working at something that you are brilliant at! This blogging malarkey is hard work and can often feel like you’re going nowhere, but plough on my friend! You’re amazing at it. Anyway, I rather like the sound of all of these ‘jobs’ however I’m with you on the first. After becoming pretty obsessed with gorgeous flowers, I can’t imagine how glorious that must be to work them every day! Can you imagine?! I’d totally do it if certain flowers didn’t make me sneeze. Hayfever, you biatch 😉 Super post darling x

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    1. Ok, ok, point taken, *Fiona salutes*. Because although I hide my feelings behind humour and comedy quite frequently, you’ve clearly seen straight through it. I do get horribly frustrated with the constraints that I’m confined to. My husband also gave me a stern talking to in a very similar vein to your stern talk, which was rather lovely of him.

      As for the jobs – yes, I am slowly working towards all of them, and I suspect that I may achieve the lead guitarist role pretty soon. I haven’t had the call yet, but any day, Katie, any day…

      Totally neglected to consider the impact of hayfever on being a florist. I’m a long-term sufferer. Oh well, four other options still wide open! xx


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