Entertaining an Over-Tired 3-Year old while Hungover (us, not him)

Ian and I woke up with a hangover yesterday, which meant that our 1 and 3-year olds were particularly unsympathetic towards our self-inflicted plight.  This is the second weekend in a row that I have woken up in this disgraceful state, and after two in a row, I think I’ll be giving alcohol a miss for a while (especially as you know about my usual abstinence).

In the unlikely event that you were curious, the occasion on Saturday night was a delightful dinner date with one of our very close friends and his girlfriend at their new flat.  They treated us to a cracking home-cooked meal and some fabulous wine, not to mention impeccable company.

Anyway, Finley woke at 5am yesterday morning (thanks Fin) and by 10am was a very grumpy and tired 3-year old.  But he refused to catch up with a little nap, so we were assigned the task of keeping him entertained and distracted from his exhaustion for the rest of the day (while trying to keep ourselves distracted from our own exhaustion).

Sat in a messy living room full of cardboard boxes and a catalogue from Joe Browns (a fashion brand I’ve collaborated with in the past), I was struck with a stroke of inspiration (as ever, I’m being sarcastic, although Ian reckons that nobody does this type of craft anymore).

I decided to make a cardboard theatre using one of the empty nappy boxes and the Joe Browns catalogue. We’ve previously made artwork using our Joe Browns catalogues, as the material patterns on their clothes are so vibrant.  In the event that I don’t have a budget to purchase their clothes (I frequently don’t), I make artwork with their catalogues!

Joe Browns storm picture

Anyway, apologies for the rubbish photos and poor-quality arts and crafts work.  I took all of these in a rush on my phone and quite honestly, I thought that the idea was so basic and poorly-executed that it didn’t deserve any arty shots on the posh camera.  Ian begged to differ and told me that he thought nobody made these theatres anymore.

Joe Browns catalogue

I cut out garments from the Joe Browns catalogue and stuck them onto a firm piece of card.  I then drew heads and limbs on the funkily-clothed characters and stuck bamboo skewers to the backs of them with some tape.

Meet Edna:


Meet Edwin:


Finley named the next two.  Meet ‘Folix’… (pronounced ‘Foe-licks’)


And meet ‘Sholderly’ (pronounced ‘shoulder-lee’)


Sholderly actually went a bit wrong.  She was supposed to be a super-cool punk girl with spiky hair and facial piercings.  But in my dazed haze, I drew an anchor tattoo on her chest that went wrong, and it instead resembled a bit of male anatomy.  I had to do a quick cover-up job in the shape of a heart. Her arms also started off a little too short, so she now has a strange fin pattern on her wrists.  They could easily be tattoos or jewellery.

This is the final result, a magical cardboard theatre using an empty nappy box.  Finley thought it was the best thing ever.  So did Ian.  He encouraged me to share it with you.  I’d be delighted to hear your opinion.

Cardboard theatre

At the very least, I thought it was an innovative way to utilise the Joe Browns catalogue in a constructive way, considering the lack of clothing budget that Ian and I have.

Unfortunately, I have spent most of last night awake, so I am facing a Monday of slapping myself in the face every couple of minutes to stay awake.  Insomnia sucks.  So does an inexplicably wakeful 1-year old.  So does lying on a flat cot-bed mattress on the kids’ bedroom floor, much in the style of glamping.  Actually, there was a distinct lack of ‘glam’, so I’m just going to call it ‘ping’.

Anyone else counting down the hours till bedtime (*Fiona stifles a yawn*)?


8 thoughts on “Entertaining an Over-Tired 3-Year old while Hungover (us, not him)

  1. I love it! This is great 😉 Reminded me of the paper dolls I should to draw and make when I was a bored little girl ages ago… Anyway, I actually don’t remember the last time I was hung-over! Funny because I mentioned this to one of the mums in my daughter’s primary school and she said “Oh my goodness Dean, that is really admirable!” Is that good or bad? The thing is ever since T, I’ve become such a lightweight-drinker. When I was working in Africa as a volunteer though, us fellow-volunteers used to get together at night to go drinking. I remember an Irish friend once said to me “Where do you put your alcohol Dean? You’re so small & petite!” That must have been a compliment coming from an Irish guy! 😉 (Btw sad to say I’m not petite anymore 😉 I think everyone can outdrink me now 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better. xx


  2. Ohhh Fiona I’m so sorry to laugh at your tired pain, but that post really did make me chuckle! For the record, I thought the theatre was an awesome idea and am actually going to steal it, my lot would get a lot of mileage out of that!! Anyway, fancy a few pints this weekend? No?? Hhahaaa xx


  3. I hope the hangover passed you by quickly enough. I can’t calim to be a member of the temperance movement, but my days of having large ones are over simply because looking after kids the next day is too much to bear!


  4. You made me laugh a lot here, hun! Love your ‘ping’ when there’s no ‘glam’, bwahaha! You are incredibly creative when you’re hungover. You’ve actually attached the puppets to the sides. I’m pinning this baby! In your place, I would have asked our babysitter to take over (Peppa Pig, oink oink). xxx


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