A Late-February Picnic in Nonsuch Park

We awoke on Friday to a glorious, sunny morning.  Spotting the opportunity to get our vitamin D topped up, we headed to one of our favourite summer spots, Nonsuch Park.  I’ve blogged about this place before, largely because we spent most of Spring/Summer 2014 hanging out there.


Unfortunately, the winter weather hasn’t inspired us to head out there, so we haven’t been for many months.  We broke our spell of absence, packed a ‘picnic’ (can you call a cheese toastie and tub of fruit and nuts a picnic?) and jumped in the car.

Cheese Toasties

I was also pretty excited to get some snaps with my new camera (a Nikon D5300), however upon arriving realised that I had cleverly left home without any memory cards.  Doh!  So you are therefore subjected to some pictures by my phone, and a very well-filmed (insert sarcasm here) video from my phone to document the trip.

Magnolia Tree
New buds on the magnolia tree = happy Fiona.

Anyway, regardless of me being unable to use the camera, we were all happy to get some sunshine and spot some signs of spring.  I was particularly excited to see some new buds on the magnolia tree.

Finley named this sandwich ‘swimming trunks’ because he thought it resembled a pair of trunks – obviously.

It was pretty nice getting back to Nonsuch park after all this time and we’ll be looking forward to returning again soon.

My redundant camera due to lack of SD cards. Whoops.
My redundant camera due to lack of SD cards. Whoops.

I shall leave you with this little video clip of me wittering on and the kids being cute.

I created this post purely for the purpose of linking up with one of my favourite blogs, Coombe Mill, for their linky #CountryKids.  Coombe Mill are on my blogroll Blissful Blogs.  One day we will visit Coombe Mill as it looks like a fantastic place for all of the family to holiday.  Go check them out!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


3 thoughts on “A Late-February Picnic in Nonsuch Park

  1. It looks like you managed to get out in some beautiful weather, your phone photos look fab, I love the bud on the magnolia tree. I’ve never managed to leave my SD card at home although I did leave home without the camera battery which I’d put on charge, oops. Your sons look like they’re enjoying their lovely day out with you. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.


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