The Truth About Recipe Posts

I love cooking.  I don’t have as much time to dedicate to cooking as I would like, often having to resort to super quick meals (from scratch, natch) that don’t involve me standing for hours in the kitchen while my kids incessantly pull at my jeans in a bid to convince me to build Lego with them.

I often find myself cooking a pretty decent meal and thinking, ‘this would have been great to blog about’.  I marvel at the numerous bloggers I follow who produce gorgeous recipe posts, complete with beautiful photos of the finished products, not to mention step-by-step photographic evidence of the entire process.

I know that my cooking and made-up recipes are definitely worthy of fine cookery blog posts, but the truth is, I simply do not have the patience to stop every few moments to get the perfect picture of a carrot being chopped or batter being whisked (I can’t remember the last time I whisked batter).  Furthermore, much of my cooking is instinct-based.  I don’t follow recipes, I just use what I have in the fridge and cupboards and make things up as I go along.  I measure nothing and would be totally unable to recall exactly (or even approximately) the quantities of ingredients that I used to make my culinary masterpieces.  So that flushes the idea of sharing genius recipes with all of you if I cannot tell you how I did it.

So I take my hat off to Mel and Vicki (and everyone else) for their amazing recipe posts.  But I am just not gonna go there, because I will fail miserably.  If you want to read anything remotely recipe-related by me, you can find a very silly pancake post here.

And then the fun began...

14 thoughts on “The Truth About Recipe Posts

  1. He he, I remember reading your pancake recipe! It is really time-consuming to stop cooking every 3 minutes to take photos of a chopped carrot or onion frying in the pan, but the truth is I think I enjoy taking the photos just as much as I enjoy cooking! When I do that, it is only when the kids are asleep and I actually have time to get dinner ready ahead. Thanks a lot for linking to me! x


    1. That was over a year ago, Mel! Good memory! You do recipe posts so bloomin’ well. You always make them look so beautiful and artistic. Ian and I recently attempted to do a hot chocolate post (using Willy’s pure cacao), but failed miserably at the photos stage. I’m sure my MiL was watching and wondering what on earth we were doing! Xx


  2. I laughed when you wrote “This would have been great to blog about”. I’m the same. I do loads of cooking and baking, I keep thinking oh must blog about this and that… Of course, I end up doing nothing (though I think I did manage to do a couple of posts but that’s about it). Most times I’m too busy clearing away or the food is gone even before I could take photos of it 😉


    1. I never have my camera to hand, although I could easily use my phone. I think the most long-winded process of recipe posts is actually writing out the ingredients and their quantities. I never know how much I’ve used – I go by instinct at the time, and worry that approximations could mess the final result up for someone else. I’ll just stick to writing, and leave the recipe posts for the experts! Xx

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  3. Ah yes, Fiona I am exactly the same when it comes to the photography bit and also the ‘eyeing it’ method of weighing and measuring! I’m not particularly inspirational in the kitchen though! I do like doing recipe posts but they are extremely few and far between. You have to have the time and I think you have to enjoy the photography bit too like Mel. I like practising my ‘macro’ shots but then again, I always take close ups because the surroundings are just not pretty enough and I can’t really be arsed to source adorable props and fiddle about with a dusting of icing sugar/handful of artfully placed petals etc. etc.! Good point, well made 🙂 #thetruthabout X


    1. You know what Sam, I think I might just start to do a Fiona-style recipe post rebellion in my in-laws kitchen, posting badly-photographed food in a less than chic (not to be confused with Chick) kitchen environment! It would be almost as good as my first vlog from Ian’s van. I nearly hung some token fairy lights in there, but didn’t have any to hand.

      I actually adore photography, and just received the most amazing DSLR for my birthday. I’m just not gonna get it out while I’m frying tofu – used to do so with the old camera and Ian was permanently telling me off for the greasy state of the lens.

      #thetruthabout xx


  4. This made me smile. I do the odd food post, but mainly baking, and it’s normally done with the kids, so really it’s more about them than the baking. The exception is ‘cake decorating’ type posts. Those are easier to do step by step photos for and they are (rather bizarrely, I feel!), some of my most popular posts… so I do try and do the odd Pinterest worthy one every so often!! But, cooking… well, just getting food on the table for everyone is often quite enough of a challenge for me without attempting to photograph or quantify it 🙂


    1. Yes Sara – getting food on the table for everyone certainly is quite a challenge enough! I think the problem is is that the bar has been set so high for food posts that I’m just totally not worthy of food posts, because mine would be rubbish. And I know we shouldn’t compare and all that, but we do, because we’re human. (When did I start referring to myself us ‘we’?)

      Anyhoo, yes, I might just start doing some me-style food posts, or better still, just film them, so everyone can see how much turmeric I’m adding to my veggie dhansak, and I won’t have to jot it down, or get my lens filthy! (o: x


  5. I can really relate to this post. I was taught to cook by my mum who always just said ‘just what you think’ when I asked her about measurements and quantities. That’s the best way, I always think, cos you discover so much more and really get a feel for food. Great post #thetruthabout


    1. Thanks Jude. I guess it possibly a testament to my laziness too. I could quite easily (albeit painstakingly) write down how much I used as I go, and stop to photo it all along the way. It is painful doing that though, and I’m loathed to weigh stuff unless I’m baking, which I’m frequently not. Thanks for your comment (o:


  6. Oh I can relate to this too – I do measure when I’m baking but very rarely if I’m cooking dinner and I tend to just throw in whatever we have in the fridge. I’m always very impressed by Mel’s lovely recipes too. I’m not sure I ever cook anything worthy of a blog post though!


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