Exceptional Customer Service by Triumph

Customer service across the board tends to get a pretty bad press these days.  I hear a lot people complaining about customer service not being what it used to be, with no care for the customer’s needs.  In fact, I’ve been known to bang the bad customer service drum a lot in my time.

However, I recently had a very positive experience with customer service, and I wanted to share my experience with you.

My mum bought a bra a while ago.  She thought she bought it about six months ago, and when out walking recently, noticed that a bit of it was digging into her.  Upon returning home, she discovered that the under wire had snapped in two, and was poking through the material into her skin.

The bra was by Triumph, and it is one of mum’s favourite bras.  She asked me if I could write to them, because she had only bought it recently and wasn’t happy that it had snapped.

I got on Twitter, and tweeted Triumph.  The conversation went as follows:

twitter screen print

After I sent a message directly to them, they responded swiftly, in a very friendly manner.  They were apologetic and wanted to get a replacement bra for mum at the earliest opportunity.  They advised that we return it to the place we purchased it, which was Bentalls in Kingston.  They contacted Bentalls to explain the situation.

The following week, we headed over to Bentalls, and the manager of the lingerie department knew all about the story and was ready for us.  They took the details of mum’s bra, but it soon became apparent that the bra was from quite an old line, because they no longer had it in stock.

It was taking them a while to sort it out, and we had Fraser with us, who didn’t find the lingerie department quite as interesting as we did (he let us know by screaming everytime we approached the lingerie area, and then ran away from it at every opportunity).

We decided that we would let them sort out what they needed to over the phone with Triumph and ring us back when they had found whatever information they needed.

While we were waiting for that phone call, Triumph direct messaged me on Twitter over the weekend to find out how the issue was progressing.  I explained that we were awaiting a phone call from them.  They said that they would chase it up for me, and I was very grateful.

Anyway, cutting a long story short, it transpired that mum had underestimated how long ago she had purchased that bra, and it was actually a bit older than she originally thought.  Triumph direct messaged me with this information (in a really lovely, polite and friendly manner).  They told me that they would not normally offer a replacement on such an old bra (understandably), but on this occasion, as a goodwill gesture, would be happy to replace mum’s bra regardless.

I was gobsmacked at how brilliant they had been.  I explained that mum had made a mistake and that I would feel terrible taking that bra.  So I thanked them and politely declined their offer to replace mum’s broken bra, as it didn’t feel right to take the bra on those grounds.

I can recall so many times where I’ve had terrible customer service on a genuinely faulty, below-par item or service, and have not received an apology.  On this occasion, Triumph didn’t even need to replace this bra because it was older than we thought, well-used and therefore at risk of snapping in the way it did.  Yet Triumph were nothing but prompt and courteous from the very start, even when they learnt that the bra was older than we all thought.

So ladies, you know how much I loathe bras because I’ve written about it before.  But, if you do need to purchase some, I can highly recommend Triumph.  I own Triumph bras already, and they are fantastic quality (if you look after them properly, hand wash them and fasten them at the back instead of dragging them round from the front).  Furthermore, in the unlikely event that you need to take up an issue with a product with their customer services department, they are nothing short of exceptional with their service.

So thank you Triumph for your triumphant customer service team over on Twitter!

Do you have any great customer service tales?  I’d love to hear about them.


4 thoughts on “Exceptional Customer Service by Triumph

  1. Good customer service is a bit difficult to find, so when it does happen, we feel as if we’ve hit the jackpot! This happened to us once too… We bought little T’s school shoes from Dr. Marten’s since we wanted to get her shoes that will last and we know from experience (my DMs are still wearable after more than a decade!) that they LAST. Anyway, after just a couple of days I noticed that my daughter’s school shoes were showing some serious wear and tear at the rubber soles. After a week, it looked really, really bad. So I got in touch with them and even attached photos. Was really disheartened because I like I said, I’m such a fan of their shoes. But after an exchange of emails, was really gobsmacked and pleasantly surprised of course when they offered to send another pair back! They asked the old pair to be sent back so they could “investigate” what happened. I’m pleased to say that my daughter’s school shoes are still in tip-top shape 🙂


    1. Oh that’s a great story, Dean. You may be aware that I’m also a DMs fan, so to hear that their customer service (like their footwear) is second to none is pretty great. It is a shame that we do become so gobsmacked when we get good customer service. It should be the other way round. Anyhoo, thanks for sharing your great story in your comment 🙂 x

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  2. Love this so much. People are so quick to complain but not to praise. I always make sure I send emails praising exceptional service, or tweet. I did so the other day when we had exceptional care at A and E with my youngest suffering from croup. It made me sad that the leaflet they gave me for the email address was concerned with complaints only. The doctor and nurses were shocked I wanted to email to praise them and really grateful. Sad really x


  3. This is so brilliant! What a refreshing story to hear. And good on you for making it public! It’s so easy to complain about customer service (albeit usually for good reason) but it’s rare that someone takes the time to tell a company how great they are. My dad always makes a point of writing and saying thank you when he’s pleased with a company’s service, and it’s something I ought to have taken on board (but, you know, haven’t). I reckon this is the 21st century equivalent – grateful blogging! Well done you!


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