Our Top Ten Car Playlist

I’ve written about our life in the car before.  We spend an awful lot of time in our car, and as parents know, travelling with kids can sometimes be a little… painful.  One of the things that I have conditioned the kids to look forward to when they get in the car is music.  To coax Finley into the car when we’re off out, I use the promise of music as a fail-free way of easing him towards the front-door.

gold skirtRVZ

So what do we listen to?  Fortunately for me, the likes of ‘Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’ aren’t on our playlist.  But here’s what is.  This is the current top 10 tracks that my two, particularly Fin, absolutely adore.  I am conscious of the risk of damaging their eardrums, so keep the volume at an acceptable level to them, although Finley does request that I turn the music up loud.

So here goes, (in no particular order)…

(10) Lynyrd Skynyrd – ‘What’s your Name’

I’ve been listening to this band since I can remember, as my parents were huge fans when they were younger (they still are).  I’ve been playing one of their numerous compilation albums in the car a lot, and this song is a particular favourite of Finley’s.  The content is a little inappropriate, but he is too young to understand the meaning of songs, and there is no profanity.  So happy days.

(9) The Darkness – Most songs

I used to listen to The Darkness when they were new on the scene.  I am a huge fan of Queen, and I got into them because the vocals of The Darkness reminded me of Queen.  Finley dug out their album Permission to Land from a cupboard somewhere at my parents’ house a few months ago and insisted I play it.  We’ve pretty much not turned it off since.  There are a few tracks on there which I can’t play to the kids because of profanity, but there isn’t much on this album that they don’t listen to.  We’ve since been listening to their other albums as well, and there are too many tracks to list that we like.  Here is one of our favourites.  This is the clean version, but the original is much better.

(8) Aerosmith – ‘Train Kept a Rollin’’

Finley loves this one with a capital ‘L’.  An old rhythm and blues song by Tiny Bradshaw that Aerosmith (amongst others) covered.  I naughtily used it for a YouTube video that I made for a review of the Watercress Line last year, and we now play it in the car.  The kids both give a round of applause at the end of this one (a mark of a particularly fine song, in their opinion).

(7) Queen Adreena – Kitty Collar Tight

I first began listening to Queen Adreena back in my university days, and I used to play this track to death from my room in the student house I lived in.  Yes, another one with questionable content, but they can’t actually hear any lyrics, let alone decipher the meaning.  This one is all about that banging riff.

(6) Wishbone Ash – ‘The King Will Come’

Another one from my parents’ musical era of the 70s.  They were both huge rock fans, and mum tells me that she used to play this one very loud from her nurses’ digs when she was doing her training.  Hmm, a bit like me blearing out Queen Adreena from my nurses’ digs then?  I’ve loved this track for years.  It is so British, so 70s and so rock.  The kids always listen quietly to this one.

(5) Neil Young – ‘Old Man’

A recent addition to our car playlist, as I ‘borrowed’ my dad’s Neil Young album a few weeks ago.  This one is Finley’s favourite on the album, so much so that I recently caught him singing it in the living room.  I was amazed that he had paid that much attention to the lyrics of the song.

(4) Michael Jackson – ‘Give in to Me’

Featuring Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, this is one of my favourite of Jackson’s songs.  I recently rediscovered it on an old Michael Jackson album that Finley uncovered (at the same time he uncovered The Darkness’ album) and we love it.  For me, it is Slash’s guitar playing that makes the song.

(3) Thin Lizzy – ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ 

Oh my goodness, this song is just so mesmerising, I could listen to it over and over again.  A traditional Irish song that has been covered many times, this version by Thin Lizzy is just outstanding.  The guitar hook by Eric Bell on the Fender Strat is to die for, and makes the song for me.  Thin Lizzy always make me think of my parents, as they saw them live once or twice back in the day.  Mum has particularly fond memories of Phil Lynott ‘masterfully playing his bass guitar in tight leather trousers’.  Tight leather trousers or not, Thin Lizzy seem to run in our family, as this track has clicked with the kids.

(2) Lynyrd Skynyrd – ‘Working for MCA’

So Skynyrd are rapidly becoming Finley’s favourite band, and there isn’t much of their repertoire that he doesn’t like.  The guitar riff on this track is da bomb (I don’t use this term in real life) and this entire track is just a total banger.  Another band that my parents got to see live, they run deep in our veins.  My brother was named after their (then) bassist Leon Wilkeson, we had a little family dance to ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ at my wedding and one of my earliest memories is of dad continuously playing the riff to ‘I Need You’ on his guitar.  (Now I do exactly the same on my guitar.)  Finley loves this track and both kids give this one a round of applause when it finishes.

(1) Whitesnake – ‘Still of the Night’

This one is a fairly new addition to our car playlist, although I’ve had the album for a while.  ‘Still of the Night’ is so popular with the kids that not only does it get a round of applause at the end, I get requests for encores each time it finishes.  Do you know what?  I oblige each time, because I can’t get enough of this song either.  That incredible voice from David Coverdale is straight out of Yorkshire too.  Amazing.

So there you have it, our top 10 car playlist to keep the kids happy and entertained during our car journeys.  I would love to hear about the tracks that you all listen to in your cars with (or without) your kids.

A Cornish Mum

13 thoughts on “Our Top Ten Car Playlist

  1. Ah, I love the Aerosmith version of that song too. Our car playlist tends to be more contemporary – the boys have an aversion to just about anything more than 4-5 years old and can detect a golden oldie a mile off – but I’m working on it. Kara, oddly, has a much wider repertoire in terms of how far back she will go – anything that has a strong beat and she’s happy.


    1. Yes, we’re definitely lacking in the contemporary over here. The exception to this is when Ian is in the car and insists on having XFM playing. Finley protests heavily with, ‘this isn’t rock music. I want real rock music.’ I dread the day that they rebel against my musical tastes! Kara sounds very sensible indeed. A strong beat is a great foundation for a good song, as opposed to the age! Thanks for your comment, Tim (o:


  2. A rocking good playlist! Our kids get subjected to a load of old noisy punk mostly – Time Bomb by Rancid is one of Syds favourites! Mind you, the worst thing about your kids growing up is that they then learn to drive and then get control of the music- I had to endure the whole Taylor Swift album on a recent trip to Bristol with my teen! X


    1. Oh dear lord. I would have jumped out of the window if I’d been made to listen to Taylor Swift for more than one track. I think my husband listening to XFM is bad enough. He constantly tells me I need to listen to modern music, but they just don’t make music like they used (apart from The Darkness – who are going to be touring this year, and I cannot wait!).

      Now I think of it, I think my husband is actually a Rancid fan… Love it! x


  3. My Fin is music obsessed, so it’s rarely quiet anywhere he goes. He even has his iphone playing music in his pocket when he’s out playing, so the whole street gets to listen as well! He has quite eclectic taste so a good mix of old and new but arghh he’s just recently discovered minecraft song covers…they are as bad as you’d imagine!
    Stevie x


    1. Yup, my Fin instigates a lot of this music playing. He has got his little brother into it too – they both applaud enthusiastically at the end of each track. I love it! I’m hoping to keep Disney themes at bay for as long as I can… Keep everything crossed for me.

      Minecraft song covers..?! This does sound pretty horrendous..! x

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What a playlist, you are so cool, we have Pharell’s new album in between Frozen right now and I’m an R ‘n’ B girl, especially old school, love some MJ too! Love this post gorgeous woman x


    1. Haha, I love how you associate 30-year old hair metal and 40-year old southern American rock with ‘cool’.

      I am totally trying to picture you and me in a club situation now! You’d be busy trying to get me to shake my arse to some smooth grooves, and I’d be busy trying to get you to shake your barnet around to some big guitar riffs!

      Or maybe we’d just get down to Michael Jackson all night..?? xx


  5. Fiona, your play list is awesome! My kids have developed tastes towards ‘today’s hits’ since those songs are the ones they most often hear. Lately (because of profanity and suggestive lyrics) I have abandoned the hits altogether for the popular soundtracks of their favourite Disney movies and I’ve apparently hit the nail on the head!


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