Coping with Diarrhoea and Vomiting with Children

We’ve had some cases of diarrhoea and vomiting in our house lately, namely the kids to begin with, then Grandpa Rodney and then Ian (who eventually succumbed after a few days of believing he was immune.  Poor Ian).

Dioralyte Blackcurrant

So after emerging on the other side (nearly, Ian is still sick), I thought I would share a little list of the things that we did or had in stock that made life a little bit easier to manage with pukey, pooey young children.  I have compiled this list in video format, and you can find it just below:

If you need more information on treating children with D&V, please follow this link to a NHS Choices page which gives some incredibly sound advice on what to do.

The main things I would emphasise is to keep the kids at home (to avoid spreading those germs around) and avoid giving them anything other than water, milk or electrolyte replacement therapy (as recommended by a chemist).  Carbonated drinks are to be avoided for under 5s, as they may cause more harm than good.

If you are really worried about your child and you’re unsure whether they need medical intervention, please familiarise yourselves with the ‘red flag’ symptoms (which can also be found on the aforementioned link under the heading of ‘managing sick children at home’).

I hope you haven’t succumbed to any dreaded winter vomiting bugs, but if you do, please look after yourselves and for the love of Nora, wash your hands, stay indoors and keep it to yourselves!


6 thoughts on “Coping with Diarrhoea and Vomiting with Children

  1. Thanks for the tips. 🙂
    We currently have Gastro Enteritis (?) in the house. Our 2 year old is going through quite a few nappies during an hour so I have had to change to disposable nappies to keep up. :/
    He’s also vomiting foamy, but is happy in himself funny enough hehe.
    I hope it will pass soon. 🙂


  2. We get the bug at least once a year, and we always fall like dominoes around here! I am surprised about your advice not to drink carbonated drinks. Why is that? I always have flat(ish) Coke when I have been vomiting for hours (for the sugar & attempt getting rehydrated).


    1. Hello lady, just a quick response on the hoof. I’ve edited it to specify that children under 5 should not be given juices or carbonated drinks. They have a risk of further imbalancing electrolytes, so are to be avoided. The link to NHS Choices that I included gives more information on this. Hope that helps! And thanks for your comment xxx


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