So more like word of the month, this last few weeks or so has seen me discover the world of video-blogging, or ‘vlogging’.  It is something I almost vowed I’d never do, being a fairly camera-shy person and detesting the sight of me in moving image, not to mention the sound of my own voice.

However, after a phone call from my dear friend Jo-Anne in December, things changed.   You see, Jo and her business partner Parul had been talking, and wanted to begin a vlog to accompany their business, Oak Jewellery.  To cut a long story short, they asked me if I would be interested in presenting their vlog.  My initial internal reaction was ‘oh my goodness, I couldn’t possibly go on camera! Cringe!’.  What I actually said to Jo was, ‘ok, sure – what an honour!’.

I live by the philosophy that if something scares you, it is probably worth doing it for the challenge.  So my answer, despite the cringe-factor, was a resounding yes.

Since I said yes, I decided to take the plunge and begin trialling little vlogs as part of Free Range Chick, and I’ve had some great feedback on them.

What has made me chuckle is the stats on my YouTube channel.  You see, I see that there are a small handful of views on my videos, with the exception of a rather old ‘video’ I made earlier last year.  That old video was to accompany a blog I had written about a Toyota radio advert, and was essentially an audio recording of said radio advert.  Although it has only had a mere two-hundred-and-something views, it has been my most viewed video so far.  I find this amusing.

Anyhoo, the most recent vlog I did was for Oak, and it is now live on their blog page.  I hope it remains as a regular feature for me, as I’m pretty much living the dream by being able to talk and write about a jewellery brand that I absolutely adore.  It is also exciting having a great excuse to shoot videos (I love doing them now).

Do you do any little extras like videos as an addition to your blog?  Are videos something that scare the bejeesus out of you?  Do you yearn for some better kit to shoot your videos (I sure do!)?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, and your comments always make me smile.  So do YouTube subscriptions! (o;

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4 thoughts on “Vlogging

  1. Brilliant vlogs lovely! I have suffered from insomnia, but it doesn’t happen that often these days. You look really confident on camera. You rock, chick! Gorgeous new hair, too! The jewellery looks really pretty. Will subscribe to your YouTube channel. xx


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