A Gold Miniskirt – More versatile than you think

Right, I’ve been meaning to do a fashion (that’s already fairly questionable) post for an age.  This is largely because I’ve wanted to link with Vicki of Mummy’s Got Style with some actual clothes.  She has been pestering me no end (I’m exaggerating) to link up with her Fashion Fridays linky and although I recently linked up with some of Oak’s jewellery, I haven’t actually covered any of my clothes.

I don’t describe myself as a fashionista, but I do love clothes.  I don’t adopt one style – I can be seen in a multitude of different looks, depending on my mood.  I will go through periods of wearing nothing but bright colours and bold prints, to phases of all-black clothes and all-black makeup.  I can be seen in brogues, loafers, Dr Martens and Converse.  I don’t like to follow rules, and will often wear things that are deemed ‘too dressy’ in the daytime, and I will also frequently drag daywear to the pub on a Friday night (although I rarely actually venture out these days).

I’m also a bit of a fashion sinner when it comes to dressing for my body type.  I am a textbook hourglass shape, so really should stick to items which are fitted around the waist, or whatever other rules there are supposed to be (I can’t think of them all right now).  However, sometimes I’m just too intent on wearing something that I probably shouldn’t be (like Dr Martens – after all, as much as I’d still like to be, I’m no longer a teenage grunge girl).

The outfit I’m covering today is probably in the realms of sinning stuff I shouldn’t be wearing, but whatever.  It is one of my favourite things at the moment.

Just before Christmas, mum and I had a rare day in the shops, just the two of us.  We had lunch with wine and mum really wanted to treat me to something (or a few things, depending on what I found on my Christmas present budget).  But it was one of those days where I wasn’t feeling inspired by much in the shops.  You know the days where you’re in the market for buying something, but no matter how hard you look, nothing is jumping out at you saying, ‘buy me now!’

The day was nearly up, and we were going to head home, when I spotted this gold, faux leather miniskirt on the rails of Topshop.  All I saw was something gold (I know, there were probably lots of gold things in the run-up to Christmas) hanging there, and I glided over in a trance.  After trying it on, I was in love with it.  I think it was made for the festive season, probably to wear with something dressy.  However, all that was on my mind was teaming it with band t-shirts and boots – all year round.

So here it is.  I wear it all the time, and usually like this.  I also wear it with my black Kickers loafers.  I haven’t tried it with heels, and to be honest, I feel like it is so out there, that I’d just look like a Eurovision contestant if I paired it with heels.

gold skirt

This time I teamed the skirt with my Ronnie Van Zant t-shirt (because Lynyrd Skynyrd are fantabulous), an old grey cardi from Peacocks, black tights and my much-loved white Dr Martens.  I accessorised with OAK Jewellery‘s magical My Heart Spins pendant and drop earrings, my S.O.P.H.I.E. wristband and my favourite lipstick from MAC in Viva Glam III.




Skirt – by Topshop

Ronnie Van Zant t-shirt (because it’s all about Skynyrd) – from DJ Tees

Boots – Dr Martens

Pendant – My Heart Spins by OAK Jewellery

Earrings – My Heart Spins by OAK Jewellery

Lipstick – Viva Glam III by MAC

So there you go.  A little snippet of some of my wardrobe.  I’ll aim to do more fashion posts to exhibit more of the contents of my wardrobe, because I can tell that you’re keen to know.  I’d also love to hear about your favourite wardrobe items.

Fashion Friday on MummysGotStyle.com


6 thoughts on “A Gold Miniskirt – More versatile than you think

  1. I love your outfit, lovely chick! I would definitely wear the exact same thing, with a black high-neck jumper on top of the T-shirt (just because I’m always freezing!). xxx


    1. Hehe, thanks Vicki! I love the gold skirt too, I wear it an awful lot! I will hopefully join in again very soon – I do enjoy the fashion posts. Thanks for having me on #FashionFridays xx


    1. Sam, I’m sometimes uncertain if I’M getting away with it!! But I never let that bother me – you only live once. The DMs are the biz – I just adore them so much. If only I could wear them to bed… (o: Thanks for having a little butcher’s at this one my dear – much appreciated! xx

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