A Birthday at the Seaside

Daddy and the Birthday Boy

Last weekend, we celebrated my elder son’s 3rd birthday.  A whole three years has sailed by at breakneck speed since I held my first child in my arms for the first time…

Anyway, he’s a November baby, so to celebrate his birthday we thought that it would be absolutely perfect to head to the coast to soak up some of the fine British weather on the seaside.  I realised that it would be cold, wet, windy and dare I say it miserable, but we figured that the kids wwouldn’treally care, and Finley would love the seaside.

I would have loved to have taken more photos of the kids on the coast, but the second one of us takes our eyes off the ball (or the kids), disaster happens (someone falls over, or runs away).  Birthday boy has also become particularly phobic of having his photo taken, or finds the game of running away from my lens absolutely hilarious.  So I have shared a few of the best snaps.

Worthing in November
Worthing in November

We bundled into the car and headed for Worthing, because Brighton just sounded way too hectic for us.  We arrived a couple of hours later (the traffic into Worthing was horrendous in the end) and headed straight for the beach.

This is the first time both of my kids have seen the sea, so I was really excited for them.  I thought it would be a great memory for Finley to have; seeing the sea for the first time on his 3rd birthday.  Ian took Finley down to the water’s edge, and I carried toddling Fraser down, as he was a bit unsteady on the large pebbles.  I plonked him down on his feet next to me, and he became rather panicked and appeared to be shivering.  After picking him up and taking him back to the buggy, it became apparent that he was actually trembling with fear.  Poor Fraser!  So we had a bit more of a stroll before finding a branch of Harry Ramsden’s for a portion of fish n chips (food makes Fraser much happier than the seaside).  The three of us tucked in and ate with gusto, while birthday boy sat and peeled paper off all of the crayons they kindly provided.  He ate one chip.

Awaiting fish n chips at Harry Ramsden's
Awaiting fish n chips at Harry Ramsden’s
Epic crayon-peeling
Epic crayon-peeling

After lunch, we headed to the pier, had a stroll to the end and back, took in the sight of the sea, which Fraser was much happier with from the height of the pier, before walking back along the seafront.  By this time, little legs were getting tired, so we navigated back to the car and headed to my parent’s house.

The Chick boys on Worthing Pier
The Chick boys on Worthing Pier – the wonky horizon is very distracting – sorry about that.


After (the kids had) a nap in the car, they were ready for some more fun with presents, balloons, cake and food.

Finley is a Peppa fan
Finley is a Peppa fan
Birthday cake - of course
Birthday cake – of course
And lots of 'man' time
And lots of ‘man’ time

It was a lovely, simple day, and I’m glad we spent it out on the coast in the fresh November air instead of indoors.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


4 thoughts on “A Birthday at the Seaside

    1. Thank you Vicki. The seaside is great no matter what, you’re right. That’s exciting that you’re having a wintery, coastal break. Whereabouts are you going to be? I think I need that in my life! Thanks for reading lovely lady x


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