*Disclaimer* Ranty, angry blog post.

Home fireworks. Why do it? I’ve never, ever set off home fireworks in my life. Come Guy Fawkes’ night, and my dad always took us to organised fireworks displays. However, it seems that nowadays, an organised fireworks display isn’t enough for people, and they simply must set off fireworks EVERY SINGLE EVENING in the lead up to Halloween and the 5th November. And fireworks aren’t even a traditional part of Halloween.

I’ve always been aware of the effects that fireworks have on animals – frightening hedgehogs into bonfires, domestic pets running away from home – but let us not forget the effect they have on young children and babies. I have enough issues getting my 1 and 2 year olds to sleep an entire night without them having to come to me for some comfort. Let alone every single evening, just as my 1-year old is about to nod off, a firework goes off next door (or thereabouts) and changes him from a tired, peaceful, belly-sleeping bubba to a standing, sobbing, nervous wreck. This is so unfair, and I’m livid at the endless fireworks people are setting off.

And I just don’t get it. Home fireworks are rubbish. They’re totally disappointing and dangerous in the hands of amateur people who haven’t got a clue what they’re doing. Just do a Google image search for ‘fireworks gone wrong’ if you don’t believe me. Why not just put the money towards the entry fee to a proper show, where you get great music played, toffee apples, and an amazing display that is set off by professionals which is usually pretty awe-inspiring?

So there I was again last night, missing my dinner again while I sit in a dark room with my 1-year old, who had previously been in the early stages of sleep, but had been rudely awoken by nearby flashes and bangs.
And that is my word of the week: Fireworks. A big, sarcastic thanks to all pioneers of the home fireworks displays (cue slow clapping as your roman candle fails to ignite). Someone pass me a coffee.

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5 thoughts on “Fireworks

  1. Well, you did warn it was a ranty post at the start! I don’t mind them on Bonfire night, but you’re right, it seems to be all the time now, and they are so loud. Fortunately, my dog snuggles down and ignores them now, though getting him to go outside to the toilet’s a challenge! And yes, it’s been harder to settle the kids, as the older one wants to watch them and the younger one’s scared by them. I don’t know why people need to keep doing it, and I certainly don’t know why it needs to be going on for hours and hours every night. I’m with you, thanks for joining in and sharing with #WotW x


    1. Yes Jocelyn, I did feel it was necessary to warn of the rantiness. As you say, it is fine on 5th November, but why every night? And it seems to be getting later and later, sometimes gone 10pm, which is well and truly out of order. Oh well, hopefully it will all be over fairly soon and we can get on with the quieter event that is Christmas! Thanks for having me on #WotW x


  2. It can be incredibly annoying I agree – especially when you live in a suburban area. My eldest is still a bit frightened of the loud noises but he is starting to be interested in watching them but my two year old isn’t too impressed. I really hate the tradition that seems to have started of setting off fireworks at midnight on New Year’s Eve – some of us gave up on celebrating this years ago and it is bloody annoying being woken up and kept awake at that time of night when you’ve got little ones who will be up at the crack of dawn themselves. *Sucks teeth* 🙂


    1. Yes, it I feel like home fireworks is a disease of the suburban area (another great reason to leave London, right?). Like you, my elder is also beginning to be interested, but ultimately finds them a little disturbing when he hears them from his bed at night. And you’ve just reminded me that there is more to come (New Year). Here I was looking forward to ‘quiet’ Christmas, when we have the midnight fireworks of NYE to go. Oh dear. I can’t remember the last time I was up at midnight for New Year! So glad to hear I’m not the only one who has given up celebrating this on the account of having small children. Thanks for reading, Sam (o: x


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