As you may be able to tell if you’re a subscriber to Free Range Chick, there has been a silence on the blog for a couple of weeks.  This isn’t the first time that this has happened.  As ever, the kids are largely to blame for this.

I’ve been working on a post that is taking me an age to write, and I’ve been chipping away at it for a few weeks, writing the odd sentence here and there.  It is feeling like a mammoth task because it is such a personal story, as well as a lengthy one (it isn’t a topical subject; it is about music!).  There’s a small chance that I may not even publish it, but we’ll see.  That was one of the reasons for a lack of blog activity lately.

The other is the dreaded teething.  My younger son Fraser has been through several months of zero tooth activity, surviving his culinary explorations with four at the top front and three on the bottom at the front.  But lo and behold, dental activity has resumed, and he has been cutting what seems like every other tooth in his head for the past couple of weeks.  We have four molars at different levels of emergence through the gums, as well as what looks like two others.  Six teeth in one go is a bit much for a 15.5 month-old, so he has been rather disturbed during the nights.  This has caused me to be disturbed in the nights also, made worse by being an insomniac, and I’ve spent much of my limited free-time during the day catching up on sleep.

All of this doesn’t leave much time for anything else, and I’m not blessed with an abundance of childcare (this translates to: I’m not blessed with childcare).

On the plus side, we’ve received a wonderful new car seat from Joie Baby for review on the blog, and Ian fitted it this morning.  Complete with wobbly video (probably), this review will be on its way very soon, as well as some promotion of extended rear facing (ERF).  If you’re not au fait with ERF, then stay tuned, as it is something that all parents with children under 5 should be getting to grips with.

So I hope to see you soon with something a bit meatier to get your reading teeth into, and hopefully by which time Fraser will have cut the remainder of his teeth!

Thanks to Jocelyn at The Reading Residence for having me on her #WOTW linky this week.  It has been an age!

Till next time.


5 thoughts on “Teeth

  1. Thanks for the update. It’s so hard when they have any teeth coming through, let alone lots all at once, poor little thing. And yes, tiring for us, too! Hope he’s over the worst of it soon and look forward to that review x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


    1. Tiring all round, but it will pass (it will, won’t it?). We’ve taken some photos and video for the review, so writing will commence very soon! Thanks for having me on #WotW, Jocelyn x


  2. Poor little man, I hope he feels better soon. Can you imagine what they must be going through, with teeth piercing their gums? Well done for getting a car seat for review, that is amazing! I would really consider trying extended rear facing for my little ones. X


    1. Hi Mel – thank you. Yes, teething is horrible, especially when you can see the bloody little gums. That’s great that you would consider ERF. It is going to be legislation for under 15-month olds to be rear facing soon, but it should be longer than this. Hope you’re well, Lovely x


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