Flowers and Fruit for Four Years of Marriage


This is a slightly belated post, as Ian and I celebrated our wedding anniversary last week.  Four long, tiring, hard years of modern-day slavery together (me slaving as a nurse and looking after the kids and him slaving on building sites and telephone exchanges as an electrician).  No, I jest about the slavery; that’s just life, right?

Anyway, we celebrated our four-year wedding anniversary last Wednesday, the day before my parents’ 38-year wedding anniversary.  According to Wikipedia, four years of marriage in the UK is symbolised by fruit and flowers, or in the US, linen or silk.  Being the romantics that we are, neither of us saw anything resembling a bloom or one of our five-a-day, but we did stretch ourselves to writing a card for each other.

We were both working in the day, but did make it out to a fabulous New Malden Korean restaurant called Su La in the evening.  We ate some delicious and healthy Korean treats.  We had quite a lot of fizz before we left and some more when we returned, so I was in a charming mood the following day.

I found this page on which gives couples some ideas on what they could do to mark their first wedding anniversary.  Some of these were pretty cheesy, and the last one on the list took the biscuit.  In case you chose not to read the article, the final suggestion is to ‘relive the wedding night with great sex’.  Really?  I am uncertain there is a married couple on earth who took to their honeymoon suite after the longest day ever, and had incredible sex.  Many couples are so exhausted from the stress and length of the day, in addition to the copious amount of drinking and dancing, that they’re barely able to string a coherent sentence together by the time their wedding day is over.  Or was that just us?

Anyhow, I digress.  Despite our low-key anniversary celebration, Ian and I regularly reminisce on how blooming brilliant our wedding day was, despite the incoherence back at the plush honeymoon suite.  We had all of our close friends and immediate family with us at a stunning venue (Ham House in Ham, Richmond).  Everyone looked gorgeous, ate well and partied hard in the evening.  Our dance floor was full at all times, which was one of the most important things to me when I planned the entire event.

So one day, when our babies are less babyish and more boyish, we’ll be able to push the boat out a little more and celebrate our wedding anniversaries with more of a bang.  In the meantime, we’ll both still regularly reminisce on our incredible wedding, magical honeymoon in idyllic Kefalonia, and look forward to many more years together.

Happy anniversary to The Dashing Mr Chick x



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