Headmasters Hair Insider: It’s Treat Time!


I was recently lucky enough to be invited to the Headmasters Hair Insider event at the New Malden salon.  Headmasters is my absolute favourite hair salon, and I’ve been going to their New Malden branch for many years.

Always professional and highly skilled, I really feel like I’m going to be taken care of by them when I book appointments, and believe me, I have many terrible tales to tell about shoddy hair salons from the past who have attempted to ‘style’ my curly locks.

Anyway, back to the evening…  The Hair Insider evening was an invitation-only event aimed at showcasing some new treatments on the market from Paul Mitchell and Nioxin.


From the moment I walked into the salon there was a real buzz in the air.  I’ve never seen the salon so full of people eager to sample the brilliant hair treatments.  I was greeted by Anne Marie, the New Malden salon manager and owner.  She explained what the evening was about, some of the offers and competitions and the treatments.  It didn’t take long for her to acquire a refreshing glass of bubbly for me while I waited for my stylist Lee.


Lee has been cutting and styling my hair for a few years now, and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.  I’ve not found anyone else who can style my hair with its natural curls at any hair salon.  Historically, I’ve had to run home from hair appointments to re-wash and style my hair, as hairdressers are totally flummoxed by the curly mane and I either end up with a frizzy mess, or with straightened hair.  As well as being a great hair stylist, he’s also lovely to boot!


Lee explained more about the treatments.  He advised that the Nioxin treatment was to promote thicker hair, and we both agreed that I probably don’t need any help there!  So I opted for the Paul Mitchell treatment from their new Awapuhi range (no, I don’t think I can pronounce it either!).  Awapuhi is actually a plant originating in the tropics, commonly Hawaii.  In its native countries it has traditionally been used for a variety of gastric remedies as well as for hair and beauty.


The clever people at Paul Mitchell discovered the benefits of the awapuhi plant, and have developed a brand new range of hair products incorporating this magnificent ingredient.  The products range from in-salon treatments to some beautiful styling products to use at home.  The in-salon treatment that I had was called Keratriplex.  Because this is a salon-only treatment, I can’t tell you loads about the details of how to apply etc.  But this is ok, because you will never have to apply it yourself, you’ll merely sit back and relax while your stylist does all the work!  It needs to sit and do its magic for a few minutes as the proteins in the solution need to have time to absorb deep into the hair cuticle.  This gives you a chance to enjoy a cuppa and a magazine, or a glass of champagne, in my case!  The solution also smelt lovely while it was being applied.

While I was waiting for the treatment to do its thang, one of the Paul Mitchell reps, a lovely lady named Nickey Lazou, came over for a chinwag.  She was a little astonished (that’s putting it mildly!) that I occasionally use a curling iron on my (naturally curly) hair.  She gave me some brilliant tips on better ways to apply product to my hair and to style it in order to make the best of my natural curl.  This is something that I haven’t done since I was a teen, as I seem to have less patience with it as I used to.  Nickey strongly advised that I ditch the curling irons, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to part company with them yet… We’ll see how the styling goes without the irons.

Back to my treatment.  Once the product was rinsed out, Lee got to work with drying and styling my hair.  Just as well I was getting an intensive, moisturising treatment, as this was the second time that day that high heat was being applied to my hair!  He blow-dried, and then curled the ends of my hair using some fat GHD straighteners.  A little bit different to normal, as he usually uses my natural curl when he styles my hair.  This style was super sleek and glam.  And I loved it.  Despite all of the heating and curling, my hair felt amazingly soft and healthy by the time it was finished.


I was the last guest in the salon by the time my hair was finished, so the salon had gone from brimming to totally empty by the time I left.  I received a lovely goody bag full of treats and the guys in the salon were psyched as the evening came to a close.  They all worked so hard to make the event such a success.  I hope they do more events like this at this fab branch of Headmasters.  If you’re interested in the treatments they featured, why not head down to your local branch and make some enquiries?  Headmasters are hosting the Hair Insider events in salons up and down the country now, so ask your local stylist about this exciting promotional event today!


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