Leggings are not Trousers. Ever.

Since the re-emergence of leggings a few years back (when did this happen again?), I’ve noticed an alarming trend on the streets year after year.  I’m not the first person to blog about this, but I witness this so frequently that I am just compelled to vent.

You see, people (women) seem to think that it is acceptable to use leggings as a pair of trousers.  So they will don a short (not covering the bum) top, a pair of leggings and they’re good.  Unfortunately, they’re not actually good at all.  Ladies, have you ever caught sight of your rear-end with the summer sunshine directed straight at it?  No?  Guess what?  We all have, and oh, our eyes!

I take my camera with me everywhere, but haven’t had the heart (or bottle) to snap the numerous examples of this bizarre fashion faux pas, so if you are confused by what I’m talking about, then here are some examples I’ve pinched from the internet that may enlighten you.





It actually doesn’t matter if you have the best quality or cheapest leggings, they all behave the same way.  Jersey fabric is just not designed to be used as a trouser.  When pulled tight over the skin, it becomes transparent in certain light (most light), and what looks perfectly fine at home, in front of the mirror from the front, is actually looking rather alarming from behind once you step out of the house.

So if this is something you do and have never realised that you could have been inadvertently flashing your bum to the world, then don’t worry.  You can still wear those leggings, but just make sure you have an adequately long top or tunic on over the top.

Want skinny trousers to wear?  There are treggings these days, which are a skinny trouser (cross between leggings and trousers).  They offer the tightness of a legging with the thickness of a trouser.  Here are some fine examples from Topshop.


Anyway, I’m pleased I’ve got that off my chest.  Now for the love of god, please share this on Twitter and Facebook so that we can all work together to save our eyes from the horror of bare bums we didn’t want to see.


7 thoughts on “Leggings are not Trousers. Ever.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sarah. I see this out and about all the time, and I’m absolutely convinced that it is a mistake people are making when they get dressed indoors (as if you’d be getting dressed anywhere else…?). They can’t see that their leggings are transparent in the indoor light, and particularly how the leggings look from behind. I fear the same is happening with the jersey fabric pencil skirts that are proliferating. Serious world issues we’re tackling here.


    1. John, I’m sorry about your eyes. I hope you’re ok… I’m yet to spot a fella showing off his buttocks through the thin material of a legging, but I’m certain such a chap exists. I hope I never meet him, and I’m relieved to hear that he isn’t you.


  1. I think it could also be nice if you could provide some nice examples of density of leggings like how much polyester/cotton/whatever percentage has to be so they won’t be so transparent. Things are that I find the choice of “treggings” be rather limited, however you -can- find non transparent leggings and since I am shopping over the internet I still have not figured out what the nice and dense formula should be in order to not to shine your undies through and into the world 🙂

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