Melancholy About the Flying Time – A Birthday Story


Time really does fly, and it feels like it is getting exponentially faster each year.  My younger son turned 1 last week after what seems like the fastest 12 months ever.

As a child, I remember my perception of time was so different.  The school holidays couldn’t come round quickly enough.  Heck, even waiting until the end of an entire day sometimes seemed like way too long.  But now, the hours in the day speed through and I can’t keep up.


Mr Chick and I decided that two children was enough for us, and I have been doing my utmost to treasure my time with my final baby.  So I do find it a little sad that he has progressed so quickly through babyhood and is now entering toddlerhood, sans the toddling.

Indeed, my elder son gives me the same pangs of, well, melancholy when I look at him.  Instead of a chubby, wobbly toddler, he is now very much a little boy with a lot of independence, individuality and opinions.  He recently sat up at the garden table with his granny and gramps, holding what appeared to be a mature and sensible conversation.  He had morphed into a little grown-up right before my eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, I am delighted that they are both growing up well and appropriately, but I do always wish I could have a little of that baby time back with them.


Anyway, some of the things we have to look forward to with growing up children are brilliant conversations, more days out to further, more exciting places, games of football, jigsaw puzzles, continence (theirs, I already have mine), less stressful meals out, help with the dishes, ditching the Maclarens (single and double).


We had a lovely day celebrating our younger son’s birthday, despite him coming down with chickenpox that morning.  While he napped, my elder son and I baked some fairy cakes, and I got to say ‘don’t lick the mixture or you’ll get tummy-ache’.  All of the presents and decorations were really for our elder son, as little one doesn’t have an understanding of the concept of birthdays.

pinkforboys  butterfly

They both had a lot of fun, and we enjoyed making the day extra special for them.  Here’s hoping that the time slows down a little, but knowing what I know, I’m sure it won’t.  I will certainly try to remind myself to treasure everything, despite how challenging times can sometimes be.

candles         presentseating cake

And not forgetting to wish my lovely little baby a very Happy 1st Birthday xx


4 thoughts on “Melancholy About the Flying Time – A Birthday Story

  1. Time does fly with little ones, doesn’t it? Happy birthday to your little man. I hope chickenpox didn’t hit him too hard. x Mel


  2. Time does fly, my little one will be 2 in September-makes you cherish every moment, loved all these beautiful pics, your husband and children are gorgeous as are you x


    1. So true – I never fail to be flabbergasted by how quickly the time is passing us by. Everyone says it, but it is true. Cherish every moment indeed. Thanks for having a read and for your sweet comment Vicki x


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