I feel like I am thinly spreading myself all over the internet like a dollop of Marmite on some white, crusty bread (there’s an analogy there somewhere).  Since beginning my blogging journey, I have discovered Twitter in a big way, with two accounts and counting.  My previously exclusive Facebook friend list is now expanding, and I also have two extra Facebook pages on top of my personal account.  I am slowly getting to grips with Google+, although I’m not as in love with it as:


I have also connected using Bloglovin, although I don’t think I use it to its full potential (if at all).  I do have a Pinterest account, which I began when I started crafting things in a bid to showcase my artistic *ahem* talent.  However, since my writing took hold, crafting and Pinterest have taken a back-burner.  I have three inboxes to manage, with a possible fourth on the way soon (gosh, they sound like children, don’t they?).

I am enjoying connecting with an increasing group of people to exchange ideas, feedback and work, but I sometimes struggle with keeping all of my accounts up to date.  I take my hat off to those that have more accounts to manage, and are seemingly managing them well.

So far, I have discovered Tweetdeck, which is an awesome way to simultaneously manage several Twitter accounts in one window.  Facebook do make it jolly simple to manage several pages already.  If anyone can give me some advice on using Google+ to its full potential, I’d be most grateful, though.

I’m curious to know if I’m missing out on any great ways to connect and if anyone has tips on staying on top of all of the accounts.

In the meantime, you can ‘connect with me’ on:


@fchick1 & @chickslist


google+_lg  (I could not even tell you if I’ve linked that correctly!)



So if you haven’t connected with me already, please do so via any of the above, as I’ d be delighted to hear from you.

Till next time.


3 thoughts on “Connectivity

    1. Thanks Jocelyn. I have heard about Kriss’ G+ posts before, but haven’t got any further with looking into it. I will endeavour to now. I am also going to start utilising Pinterest more now. I never realised its capabilities until reading your post. Thanks so much for this! Brilliant advice (and thanks for the follows) x


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