Joe Browns’ Brazilia Dress – Reviewed



Ever heard of Joe Browns?  They’re a fab online clothing brand based in Leeds and founded not so many moons ago in 1998.  I first heard of Joe Browns a few years ago when my husband (then boyfriend) received one of their catalogues in the post.  He had a look at the clothes and showed me the catalogue, telling me that he thought I would like some of their clothes. He wasn’t wrong.  I did like the clothes, but I didn’t make a purchase at the time (hey, I was a student nurse and couldn’t afford clothing!).

However, my husband did make a purchase.  It was a lovely navy hoodie with a chequered lining inside the hood.  He wore it all the time, and it was his favourite hoodie.  It still would be, if it wasn’t for the fact that he lent it to a friend, never to be seen again.

Fast forward a few years and summertime 2014 is imminent.  To kick off the season, I fancied a summery, floral number that was versatile enough to don anywhere from lazy Sunday afternoons picnicking to chilling out in the local watering hole for drinks with friends.


Luckily, Joe Browns came to the rescue and very generously provided me with this gorgeous little number that fit the bill perfectly.  Named the Brazilia Dress, it is so incredibly me.  Although I do flit between different styles (you can catch me wearing anything from Mary Janes to Converse to two-tone brogues), I do tend to gravitate towards a colourful dress with a bold print to accentuate curves in the right places.

This dress is awesome for a number of reasons.  The print is wicked.  I adore florals, and this print doesn’t disappoint.  It is just as tropical and bold in real-life as it is on the website.  You could work it with matching coloured accessories, or go renegade and add some contrasting brights for that extra edge.


The material is lush.  I have a major disliking for polyester and find that there is way too much of it in the vast majority of high street stores – even high end.  This dress is 97% cotton (just a teeny bit of elastane to add a little give to the garment) and it has a good weight to it.  No flimsiness here.  I wore the dress out on a rather hot and sticky afternoon in the park, and did not feel at all hot and sticky chasing my toddler around with his scooter.

The neckline is perfectly flattering for chests of varying sizes.  Mine is on the larger side, and I did not feel as though I was going to spill out of the dress at any point.  I gave the dress a good testing by wearing it out on a picnic with my husband and sons.  Lots of bending and lifting involved, and I’m certain I avoided flashing anyone!

I am short at 5’0 and the dress sits on my knees.  It is designed to be above the knee, as pictured on the 5’7 model.  Despite it being longer on me, I loved how it hung and fit.  It looked great with a pair of flat sandals and could easily be glammed up by teaming with strappy heels.

The one downside of this dress was the side zip.  It is incredibly difficult to slide over the waist band, to the point where I had to put the dress on with the zip mostly up in order to zip it all the way, if that makes sense.  I really hope that I don’t damage the dress by putting it on like this.  Otherwise, I have absolutely no other complaints.

I received loads of compliments when I wore this dress out.  I was even told that I was a great advertisement for being a mum of two babies!  Can’t argue with that!


I can tell you’re now intrigued about this ace company, so if you fancy something cool and quirky to wear that you won’t find on the high street, head on over to Joe Browns and check out their unique style of clothing.  I can guarantee you will find something wicked to wear, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably be totally torn between items!

Disclosure: Joe Browns sent me this awesome dress for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are my own and I was not paid for this post.


4 thoughts on “Joe Browns’ Brazilia Dress – Reviewed

  1. I did not notice this dress, it looks beautiful, and looks stunning on 🙂 oh wow I’m allergic to polyester, in the summer it brings me out in a rash but still have to buy it as lots of dresses are. I love the fact that mine is nearly all cotton too ( but forgot to mention this ) their clothing are amazing, I could wear everything,,, Lovely post, I want to got have a lovely picnic in the park, it looks so much fun and very stylish 🙂


    1. Thanks Claire (o: I totally agree with you on the polyester front. Why is there so much of the stuff in all of the shops? So sweaty and it feels horrible. I too have to end up buying it because nearly everything is made out of polyester… *Sigh*. Their clothing is pretty cool and they’ve been on my radar for years. I really had trouble choosing an item! The picnic in the park was loadsa fun – much recommended! (Nonsuch park in Cheam if you’re in the SW London area). (o:


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