Oh Dear

oh dear

I haven’t taken part in Word of the Week for a little while, largely because I’m terrible at making the time to write anything at length, work, caring for children and mainly because I detest taking part in links where I won’t have time to thoroughly read the other posts.

Anyway, I have returned and this week’s #WotW on Free Range Chick is ‘Oh dear’.  Ok, I realise that those are two words, but I’m breaking the rules slightly (sorry Jocelyn).

So ‘oh dear’ sums up this week for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, the much-loved family cat D’Arcy died.  This is obviously sad news for the family, particularly my sister-in-law and mother-in-law.  D’Arcy (aka D’Arce, D’Art and D’Arty) was a member of the family for 13 years and she didn’t have a very peaceful or comfortable death, thanks to a veterinary practice in Streatham.  But that’s another story.

Oddly, I’ve never been a cat-lover.  It isn’t that I don’t love cats, or any other animals for that matter.  I guess I’m simply not a pet-lover and never really understood the joys of sharing a home with an animal.  But it was actually fine sharing the home with a pet and it certainly is very odd without her.

My eldest son never really got to know her well because she was a bit of a timid creature.  I say timid, she was incredibly nervous, hated sudden noise, children, sudden movement.  Needless to say, my husband and I descending on her home with two rowdy sons probably didn’t do her nerves much good.

My eldest did attempt to make friends with her, and enquired about her every day.  I explained to him that the cat had died, in those words.  I don’t believe in saying things like ‘the cat has gone to sleep’ – he’d be terrified of falling asleep ever again!  However, he is now convinced that D’Arcy is ‘diving’.

Anyway, moving on from good old D’Arcy.  The other reason ‘oh dear’ features this week is because my 11-month old decided that ‘oh dear’ would be his first words… on the day that D’Arcy died, no less!  Oh the irony.

So there you go, a happy and sad post featuring a phrase that has made us chuckle this week.  D’Arcy, we all hope you rest in peace, and I hope you found this story almost as entertaining as we did!

Thanks for having me on Word of the Week Jocelyn.

Till next time.


16 thoughts on “Oh Dear

  1. It sounds like Oh Dear sums up your week perfectly…sorry to hear about D’Arcy. My friend’s little boy’s first word after mama & dada was poo…I’m pretty sure that will follow him through life!


    1. Thank you – yes D’Arcy was an old and ill cat. Poor thing, she’s definitely resting in peace now in a nice place in the garden.

      Hilarious that your friend’s son’s first words after mama and dada was ‘poo’! Telling, isn’t it?


    1. Hehe, D’Arcy (unbelievably) was a lady cat, named by a 16-year=old girl (my sister-in-law). Very strange that Baby said ‘oh dear’ on the same day! It was even funnier because he is a carbon copy of his gramps (Mr C’s dad), and one of his most-used sayings is ‘oh dear’ in a semi-Scottish accent. So it tickled us all. Thanks for having me x


  2. Oh poor D’Archy! I’m a soppy fool when it comes to cats & still well up over cats I’ve lost over the years! My son had some words that meant nothing to anyone but him – ‘paywol’ was one – we still don’t know what it means & at 25 he has no idea!


    1. D’Arcy was quite old and wasn’t very well, poor old thing. I can relate to the nonsense toddler words. My elder son had many of his own. I may blog about them one day! Love ‘paywol’!


    1. Thanks Kim, and no worries about the cat – it was my mother-in-law who suffered (and is suffering) the most with the loss of D’Arcy. It is sad, and very weird that she isn’t around any longer. x


  3. Ah. I am just like you when it comes to pets – I can’t understand how people get so wrapped up with their animals either although I did like having cats around when I was a child/teenager. Cute first words too! #wotw


    1. Thanks Tracey. First words are indeed lovely. No worries about the cat – she suffered a lot before she died, so now she is out of her misery and sleeping easy in the garden (o: x


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