This week I had another post I was attempting to finish to link up with Jocelyn on Word of the Week.  However, as per usual, I have been horrendously constricted with time and have been unable to finish the post I was going to write.  Don’t worry – it will be completed soon and posted.

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you some moments from the weekend which were a long time coming.

As you may know, our family have spent the last few months moving home, and as a result we haven’t had much time with Mr Chick.  So I was delighted when he suggested that we should all go out somewhere this weekend.  We haven’t done anything as a family for such a long time.

We decided to take a trip to Birdworld near Farnham.  We had a great day for weather and thoroughly enjoyed viewing all of the exotic birds.  (Hence ‘Squawk’).

Here is a selection of some of the best pictures.

DSC04204 DSC04207 DSC04209 DSC04229These guys have the weirdest tongues DSC04224 DSC04228DSC04238 DSC04250 DSC04247 DSC04241DSC04244 Diving Duck   DSC04277  DSC04287 DSC04262 This guy was MASSIVE and rather frightening This guy had incredible eyelashes DSC04199 DSC04294 DSC04299 DSC04297


So there you have it – a few more photos than I thought I was going to post.  Thanks to Birdworld (http://birdworld.co.uk/) for having us.  We had a super day and thoroughly recommend a visit if you’re in the area.

Thanks to Jocelyn @ http://www.thereadingresidence.com for having me on #Wotw


10 thoughts on “Squawk

  1. Great pictures! Looks like you had a sunny day, too! I hope you are not too tired after the busy few weeks you have just had. Nothing beats a bit of family time. x Mel #WotW


    1. Thanks Mel. Always tired – I must make a mental note to actually go to bed before 22:00 sometimes! We had a great time yesterday and very much looking forward to more family time very soon xx #Wotw


    1. Thanks Adrienne, it is a fab place with so much to see. It didn’t feel really hectic either… Lots of pretty flowers as well as pretty birds too. The restaurant is quite small, so make sure you pack lots of snacks for your little man just in case you end up in a big queue! (o:


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