Silent Sunday 06/04/2014







26 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 06/04/2014

  1. Nice shadows! My three love the swings, too. Not today though, it is raining this morning so we are having a bit of Frozen action. Maybe brownies later. x Mel


    1. Thanks Mel, the sun was bright, so perfect for capturing shadows. Today has been a bit of a washout, but we still made it to the playground! Brownies sound perfect x


  2. Nice! We’re having a bit of a swing lull at the moment as 4 year old has got to that stage where he wants to be a big boy and only go on the big kids swings and 20 month old refused to go anywhere near anything which might restrain him! #SilentSunday


    1. Oh dear! Our eldest is pretty reluctant to get in the baby swing, and prefers the big swing (even though he just falls out of it!). Baby loves the swing, though. It’s the only thing in the playground he can safely be in without experiencing a horrible fall.


    1. I certainly do know what you mean, and they do look like long winter shadows. Funny, I didn’t really notice the shadows at first, I was too captured by baby falling asleep on his swing! (He wasn’t really asleep, just very interested in looking down).


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