All that glitters is most definitely (yellow) gold…

Picture courtesy of Oak Fine Jewellery
Image courtesy of Oak Fine Jewellery

Yellow.  We think of yellow and visions of spring come to mind.  Blooming daffodils flooding the parks, bright rays of sunshine warming the previously wintery sky, pastel shades of yellow adorning the mannequins in shop windows… Dare I say it, yellow Easter chicks popping up around every metaphorical corner?  (Just in case any of you hadn’t cottoned on, my name is Chick).

But guess what I think of when I think of ‘yellow’?  I think of gold.  Yes ladies.  Shiny, luxurious, sparkling, brilliant, expensive gold.

Before I became a mum, I used to glam it up to fairly excessive levels.  Lashings and layers of make-up, long curly hair pinned and styled to perfection, clothing to compliment the look and the icing on the cake?  Some beautiful bling to accessorise with.

Nowadays I’m lucky if I get a shower.  With two very young sons to care for, the ‘look’ has been relegated to a pile of fond memories (these including my pre-baby figure), in favour of waterproofs, walking boots and baggy jumpers.  But when I’m about to leave the house with my bare face and scraped-back hair, there is one thing that will instantly make me feel cheerful and glamorous again: popping in a pair of glittering gold earrings, draping a knock-out necklace around my neck or donning some bodacious bangles.  Ta-dah!

So ladies, the next time you’re feeling a little mumsy with no time on your hands to sort your hair and make-up, try adding a little sparkly bling to your life and see how you feel.

gold bear

Another fabulous link-up with the this week for The Theme Game. May I also extend a huge thank you to the Oak girls at the gorgeous for their photographs.

Till next time.


19 thoughts on “All that glitters is most definitely (yellow) gold…

  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


  2. Yellow means all the Spring like things to me, and happiness, yet never do I think of gold! Love that you do, and that it brightens your mood and outfit so much. I do think making that little extra effort some days can make all the difference – glad you have your bling 😉 Thanks so much for joining in with #TheThemeGame x


    1. I do sincerely love yellow gold and have an ever-growing collection of the stuff. My bestie ‘J’ says I’m ‘earring queen’. I think that putting on some bling can translate into other things – wearing your favourite scarf, your best brogues, your favourite handbag… whatever it is that gives you a little pick-me-up on those frumpy mummy days where you can’t get the smell of baby sick out of your nostrils and you haven’t washed your hair in 3 months. (Okay, that last one may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the picture!). Thanks for reading x


  3. Honestly never crosses my mind to think of gold, but I love your enthusiasm for it. It’s infectious, although I am not a jewellery wearer or make up wearer either really but I love your idea of slipping something on that makes you feel good-now that I totally relate to. Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame


    1. Thanks for reading, and I’ve just remembered that I’ve completely forgotten to include you in the link-mention! (The linky isn’t working on my page). As I said in response to Jocelyn, the wearing of some bling can be translated into whatever it is that you don to make you feel a little perkier. And boy do we need that little something as busy mums! Glad you enjoyed my take on the yellow theme!


  4. Gold is wonderful isn’t it? Anorak moment – did you know that if you have a sty in your eye (rhyme not intended!), rub a gold ring on the outside and your sty will be gone by morning… It’s worked for me several times, such are the amazing properties of gold. I’ll get my coat, er anorak 😉


    1. That is an AMAZING piece of knowledge that I had no idea about!! LOVE IT! (I hope it’s a bright yellow, floral anorak – definitely won’t need to be ditched if that’s the case).


  5. I’m more of a silver jewellery person myself I have to say but I completely agree that adding a little touch of something makes you feel better about yourself some days, whether it be putting in contacts instead of glasses, jewellery, perfume, a pretty scarf or a pair of heels!


  6. Some lovely bling; I’m more of a silver girl but a little sparkle is nice amongst the dog-walking gear! 🙂


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