Word of the week: Time


My word of the week: ‘time’.  To be honest, this could be word of the century for me.  I’m certain this is a problem echoed in the hearts and minds of most people, particularly those living in the fast-paced, modern, want-it-all-have-it-all lifestyles of the first world.

For me, I don’t seem to have enough time in the short term, and I also frequently consider my entire time, my lifespan, how much time I’ve already existed in comparison to how much time I have remaining.

In the short-term, I never have sufficient time to do everything I want and need to do.  I say want – these days, everything I want to do is usually also what I need to do.  For the most part, I am balancing a life of looking after the kids adequately – ensuring they’re fed, watered, entertained, while simultaneously looking after the surroundings they live in.  Yes, this means cleaning and tidying.  And yes, I do believe this is important and something that shouldn’t be relegated to the bottom of the list (this is something I’ve heard a lot of people saying – ‘it doesn’t matter if the place is a mess’).  It does to me. 

That said, I am frequently failing in doing all of the above adequately well because I don’t have enough time.  One task blends into the next.  The kids are often unhappy at me because my attention is taken away from them for another mundane chore that has to be completed. 

More recently, I’ve been embarking on a small business venture from home – this is because I resigned from my job (a difficult decision that was made because the vast majority of my time would have been taken from the kids had I continued working full-time after returning to work from maternity leave). 

This new addition to my timetable of working from home has been an enormous strain on me.  I know that other parents doing the same thing will totally understand how taxing it is starting up and maintaining their own small businesses from home.  Slotting in an hour here and an hour there of work is frustrating – by the time you get into it you have to put the laptop down and peel some potatoes. 

I wish I had a whole extra day for each normal day – that way I could play with and entertain the kids completely free of care, not constantly thinking about doing work when I was with them and vice versa.  Or maybe have the ability to not require sleep.  I think the latter would be an awesome option!  (Sometimes I think I do have the ability to not require sleep – I can’t remember the last time I had more than a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep, and more than about 6 hours in bed). 

Perhaps a little more worryingly, I frequently consider the impact of time on my entire life.  I’ve been on this planet for 33 years.  If I’m lucky, I may have another 50 years left.  I may get struck down tomorrow.  I hope not. 

Before the children were born, I probably wouldn’t have been concerned if I got struck down tomorrow or not.  I used to drive like a nutter, drink too much, be out late at night, essentially not be worried about the consequences of my actions on my life.  But having children makes you want to live forever.  I don’t drink as much any more (if at all).  I drive ‘safely’ now.  I cross the road with care.  I worry about being attacked if I’m out at night.  I pay more attention to my health.  Thinking about the impact of my absence on my children’s lives is too much to bear.  I have to be here for them as long as I possibly can for their happiness. 

And when I consider that I’ve been here as long as 33 years, and have ultimately no control whatsoever over how much time I have left, it scares me. 

So there you go.  My word of the week is ‘time’.  Never enough of it, totally out of our control and we can never get it back.  I guess that I can conclude that I wish I was a vampire – they don’t need sleep and they live forever.  Now there’s a thought!

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9 thoughts on “Word of the week: Time

  1. Oh, how well I hear you! In fact, right now, I’ve a list longer than my arm of housework to do, I mentally wrote 5 blogposts in the shower ( I kid you not!) that I’m now desperate to get typed up and yet it’ll soon be lunchtime and then we’re off out for the afternoon. I do like your idea of whole extra days – surely we can work that one? I don’t dwell on time left available in life, as I am of the philosophy that what will be will be, but I do believe in not wasting it, so like you, I quit my full time job to be home with the kids – we’re poor but we’re together! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


    1. Hah I have so many blog posts in my head from inspiration in the shower/walking A to B to C, sorting tea, food shopping… Sometimes my fingers won’t go fast enough… But I’m not sure I’d want to suck blood :s


      1. Yup – I guess all of those activities (showering, walking, cooking) usually involve being undisturbed with your thoughts, which doesn’t happen often! I’d probably write a blog post everyday, but I just don’t get the time to put in the work I want to. As for the blood-sucking – nothing wrong with a bit of black pudding, no? :p


    2. I believe you on mentally writing blogs in the shower! I also mentally write mine when out and about stomping the streets whilst pushing the double buggy. Wouldn’t it be great to find a way of duplicating our days? Now that would be a good little earner… *Sigh*… Anyway, we enjoyed the playground. Hope you have a great rest of weekend and get at least one of your blogs posted… x


  2. Once you’re a parent, there is never enough time for everything but one thing’s for sure, it helps you focus on the things that matter, family-wise, work, fun, the friends who are true mates-you prioritize (even when you think you’re not) and I agree, having kids makes us take more care and worry because we always want to be here for them. Lovely, thoughtful post x


    1. Thank you for reading my post. Time is so, so precious. Every time I have to wake up to tend to my youngest boy (still a baby), I try and tell myself that when he’s 15, he won’t need me to comfort him in the middle of the night – and I’ll probably miss that terribly when he’s older. I’m totally guilty of wasting a lot of my time worrying about things that I have no control over, and I must make an effort to remedy this. As my husband recently told me, ‘the lights are on, someone is most definitely home, and they seem to be pacing the room.’ x


    1. Thanks for reading my post! So glad that you can relate – I think it is something that affects the vast majority of us in one way or another. The chronic lack of time is a symptom of us (society) trying to pack waaaaaaaay too much into our lives. Good luck in using your time as wisely as you can – I’m sure you’ll succeed x


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