Silent Sunday 16/02/2014

Silent Sunday 16/02/2014


10 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 16/02/2014

  1. This is one of those photo’s where things aren’t always what they seem…as in …everything looks beautiful and tranquil yet I bet there is a mighty current flowing beneath. Hope you are all safe x


  2. Hi everyone. I’m not being lazy and not responding to you individually – I just wanted to reassure you all that (luckily) we are all absolutely fine. I took this picture at Surbiton. It is the River Thames, and it had slightly burst it’s banks. I agree that it does look very dramatic – it really wasn’t in real life. (Sorry!) This is why I love this photo. I took it in a massive hurry while Mr. C was tapping me on the shoulder saying ‘come on Fiona, we’re freezing!’ I was standing on a piece of wood, peering through a gap in a bush to get the shot of the gate coming out of the water. Thanks to you all fit taking a look xxxx


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