The Fire Hydrant ‘Game’


Hi All

I just wanted to share this little activity I do with my toddler when we’re out and about, on foot and sometimes even from the car.

My eldest son loves to count fire hydrants.  I first started showing him them because my Nan used to do the same with us when we were kids.  Its a bit basic, but It just stuck.

He amazed me in a busy town centre recently by managing to spot a fire hydrant amongst all the colourful shops, masses of people and buzzing noise while I was trying to encourage him to watch some buskers.

It is certainly a great way to focus him when we’re walking somewhere, particularly when he starts to drag his feet and slow down.  Reminding him that we’re looking out for the next fire hydrant is enough to jolt him back to earnestly seeking one.

Here are some recent snaps of him looking utterly enthralled at the local fire hydrants.


As I said, he is thoroughly enthralled.


A recycling van had vied for his attention (and won).


You see?  Enthralled.


Out of reach.


A very rusty hydrant in a very affluent area. Or ‘broken’, as he kept saying.


This one is in better nick.


We’re occasionally faced with these types of issues.


But always relieved to be back on track with one in good working order.

Phew!  We spent all day and night searching for these beauties.  I bet you didn’t think you’d be reading a blog on fire hydrants today!

Thanks for sticking with it.  Little man certainly enjoyed himself.

Till next time.


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