Finding treasure amongst trash

Since my split with my husband last year, there have been a lot of changes in my life.  Many have been positive, some have been negative and some have just been, well, different. I enjoy and embrace change, so I’ve mostly taken the changes in my stride (as much as you can when you’re going through marriage separation!). However, on a weird, superficial level, I’ve … Continue reading Finding treasure amongst trash

When the dream is better than reality

Earlier this year I was offered an excellent work-from-home opportunity by a London company.  It involved managing social media and their blog.  I was able to work from home in my ‘free’ time, earning some extra money and learning some new skills.  Perfect, right? After a few months of working, I found myself becoming frustrated, to say the least.  I was managing four Facebook pages, … Continue reading When the dream is better than reality

Trespass(ing) into practical territory

I’ve been known to purchase some fairly outlandish items of clothing over the years.  The most recent have been a pair of mermaid leggings and a huge red petticoat, the latter of which I wore out to a quiet birthday meal last month in an Indian restaurant (not with the leggings). I figure you only live once, so you might as well wear the bonkers … Continue reading Trespass(ing) into practical territory

How to survive your period

Today I’m talking about menstruation.  Periods.  The Crimson tide.  Whatever you want to call it. Most of us women have them, some of us are lucky to sail through each month with minimal drama, whereas others have some serious cramping issues, heavy haemorrhaging and generally feel terrible. Thankfully, there are some excellent methods we can adopt to make life a little bit more organised and … Continue reading How to survive your period