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Pancakes for dinner

So it’s Shrove Tuesday today, or Pancake Day.  Whatever you decide to call it, people are making pancakes today or tonight. A traditional way to serve them is with lemon juice and sugar.  I’ll admit, they’re undoubtedly tasty served that way.  Some people like to take the sweet flavours further by adding maple syrup, chocolate sauce, fruit, or all of the above. I’m a bit … Continue reading Pancakes for dinner


A New Discovery – Howkapow

One of the hazards of moving into a new home is the persistent urge to browse for stuff to buy for one’s new abode.  Regardless of cash-flow (or lack of, as the case may be!), I just love to peruse the internet for shiny new (and old) things that would look perfect in my house.  Sometimes, all the pleasure is there in looking.  I don’t have to … Continue reading A New Discovery – Howkapow


Our New House and Our Heartfelt Thank-you

In November, Ian and I finally got onto the property ladder and bought a house.  It had been a long time coming.  We’d had a deposit in our bank account, but needed to find the right house. We’d started looking in earnest back in 2012/2013, when we were renting a lovely flat near my parents’ house.  I hadn’t believed we would be able to buy … Continue reading Our New House and Our Heartfelt Thank-you


Last-Minute, Super-Easy Christmas Gift

So tomorrow is Christmas Eve, and I know for a fact that there are people out there in a mild panic about Christmas shopping. You probably already know that I have Scrooge-tendencies from some posts I have previously written about Christmas. It isn’t so much that I’m a Scrooge, it’s more that I don’t subscribe to all of the ‘stuff’ that everyone feels the need … Continue reading Last-Minute, Super-Easy Christmas Gift


Learning to look after yourself as a parent

Parenting is hard.  I haven’t had the full experience of parenting children into adulthood yet, so I am only commenting on parenting very young children at the moment.  I’ve no doubt it gets no easier. People always say, ‘look after yourself’.  You take it with a pinch of salt and think, ‘yeh, yeh, as if I’m not gonna look after myself!’ But it is so … Continue reading Learning to look after yourself as a parent


Mucky Change Bags and Brioche

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a baby-change bag out with me.  After gradually transitioning away from the cumbersome change-bag for many months, it dawned on me that I no longer have to carry half the stuff I used to when I had babies. Yet another sign that time is flying, eh? During my first pregnancy and those sweet months of anticipation of the … Continue reading Mucky Change Bags and Brioche


Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain

Have you ever noticed how fascinated children are with water?  As soon mine began using open cups to drink from, they would play with the water (as well as drinking it).  Taking a sip, letting it trickle down their chins, spitting or spilling it onto surfaces to see how it flowed and how it felt. As soon as kids get in the bath or shower, … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain


Road-Users to Steer Clear Of

Back in my younger, reckless days, I would spend a lot of time driving chaotically in my Citroen Saxo VTR.  One of my tactics was driving horribly close to the car in front if I felt that it was moving too slowly.  Note, this an idiotic way to drive for two reasons: You’re never going to persuade the driver in front to go quicker by … Continue reading Road-Users to Steer Clear Of

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Help! Disaster! The Clocks Went Back!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Clocks went back and all that – so we all got an extra hour added to our time.  Yippee! …No? Everyone spends their time complaining about not having enough time in their lives.  For the most part, it’s true.  We’re time poor, and since having kids, I’ve really noticed that the time seems to fly. So with the clocks … Continue reading Help! Disaster! The Clocks Went Back!