Mucky Change Bags and Brioche

It’s been a while since I’ve taken a baby-change bag out with me.  After gradually transitioning away from the cumbersome change-bag for many months, it dawned on me that I no longer have to carry half the stuff I used to when I had babies. Yet another sign that time is flying, eh? During my first pregnancy and those sweet months of anticipation of the … Continue reading Mucky Change Bags and Brioche


Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain

Have you ever noticed how fascinated children are with water?  As soon mine began using open cups to drink from, they would play with the water (as well as drinking it).  Taking a sip, letting it trickle down their chins, spitting or spilling it onto surfaces to see how it flowed and how it felt. As soon as kids get in the bath or shower, … Continue reading Five Reasons Why Kids Love the Rain


Road-Users to Steer Clear Of

Back in my younger, reckless days, I would spend a lot of time driving chaotically in my Citroen Saxo VTR.  One of my tactics was driving horribly close to the car in front if I felt that it was moving too slowly.  Note, this an idiotic way to drive for two reasons: You’re never going to persuade the driver in front to go quicker by … Continue reading Road-Users to Steer Clear Of

Boys in a field

Help! Disaster! The Clocks Went Back!

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Clocks went back and all that – so we all got an extra hour added to our time.  Yippee! …No? Everyone spends their time complaining about not having enough time in their lives.  For the most part, it’s true.  We’re time poor, and since having kids, I’ve really noticed that the time seems to fly. So with the clocks … Continue reading Help! Disaster! The Clocks Went Back!

Life or death

A real-life situation of life or death

Ever been in a situation where your actions literally meant the difference between life and death?  It is terrifying stuff, and it has happened to me. So a lot of you know that I used to be a nurse.  I say used to be, you never really stop.  Once you have the training in you, a lot of it stays.  Much of your ‘nursey’ thought … Continue reading A real-life situation of life or death

The Beacon

Magical Garden Restaurants

Ian and I have been doing recces of various places in our bid for finding a place to live.  Our voyages have taken us all over the southeast (and beyond) to some lovely places and some less lovely places.  It has been a learning experience, and we’re getting closer to making a decision and finding ‘home’. On a recent journey out towards the southeast corner … Continue reading Magical Garden Restaurants

camping in Cornwall

Camping with friends in Cornwall

Back in May we went camping.  It was our first family holiday and first holiday for Ian and I since our honeymoon back in 2010. Being seasoned campers (well, not really, we’ve just been camping a handful of times), we were mentally prepared for the work and effort that goes into camping.  Not to mention the freezing cold nights and perpetual feeling of being unwashed. … Continue reading Camping with friends in Cornwall